YA Tips

So, if you’re a young young (like me), it stands to reason that you’d write young adult fiction. I mean, we teenagers know what it’s like. We’re there EVERY SINGLE DAY. There’s a certain advantage that comes from high school, believe it or not. You can write with authentic voice.

But that doesn’t mean adults do. Sure, they remember being teenagers. Sure, they remember maths and calculus and trigonometry and maths (if you haven’t already realised, I’m not a big fan of maths). I think, though, that occasionally people writing YA tend to romanticise romance and love. They include love triangles or “insta-love,” or they assume teenagers are complete idiots.

So I propose that we teach them. And by “them,” I mean the adults that just don’t get it. Not all of them, of course. Just some. It’s not even necessarily a BAD thing…it’s just that people are forgetful. That’s human.

Join me on Twitter with the hashtag #YAtip, and let other writers know about things they shouldn’t do in YA. It will help them and it may even help us.

What do you guys think? What are your pet peeves in YA novels? What do writers do wrong again and again?

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