Okay, so partly as a launch of this blog, and partly because I reached 250 followers on Twitter, I’m having a giveaway. Except, because I’m poor and my pocket money is $10 a week, I’m going to be giving away critiques.

So, here’s what’s on offer:

3 first-page critiques

2 first chapter critiques


Yes, I am crazy. Problem?

Okay, now for the rules. Yes, I have to have rules. Big deal, you’re getting free stuff.

1) It has to be YA – no exceptions. I don’t mind what genre it is in YA, but IT HAS TO BE YA. Otherwise I will not critique it.

2) I won’t be able to do the WHOLE MS critique until after November – because, you know, I’m doing NaNoWriMo. And I’m crazy. So bear that in mind if you enter.

3) In the comments, you MUST put your email, and additionally your Twitter handle (so I can brag and whatnot).

4) Follow me on Twitter if you like (@theloonytuney) This is NOT a rule, it’s just a “pretty-please”

I think that’s all the rules. But now, of course, I have to promote myself. Why not? You should want a critique by me. You really should, because I am invaluable as a critiquer. As a reader AND a teen AND a writer, I can tell you (as a teen) whether your book will be liked by other teens. As well as that, I can give you detailed notes (as a writer) on what you need to fix up. And I can tell you (as a reader) whether your novel excites me. I don’t care if it’s your first draft or your 31st – I will help you!

Just specify what it is you want me to help with.

Well, I think that’s it. To enter, just comment below. My random picker thingy will pick one of you (hopefully more than one comments…otherwise…um…I have a problem).



8 thoughts on “CRITIQUE GIVEAWAYY!!!

  1. A full MS critique? Well, I’ve never been one to turn down wonderful opportunities so I’d love one!
    On twitter I’m @themessengerkid
    And my email is: foreverpanic(at)msn(dot)com

    Thanks for hosting this critique giveaway!

  2. Wow, what a task. Good luck to anyone who enters. This is a great opportunity, and as a YA writer and fellow teen, I would understand why someone would want to get feedback from their targeted audience.

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