Writing Prompts!

Sometimes I get bored, and my writer’s brain isn’t coming up with any brilliant ideas. So I head over to the interwebs and I look for some writing prompts.

Problem is, most of them suck. “On one dark and stormy night, I found a…” “You have ten seconds.”

Whatever. They make me even more bored than I was to start with.

But eventually I found some good ones, from all over the web. And I’m going to share them here.

1) “I just uh…I really like trees. Yeah. I like trees.”

2) They stood together, hand in hand, and watched the world burn.

3) “I’ll be back in a minute; I have to go catch a falling star.”

4) “You’re wearing your skin all wrong.”

5) I lived in a small town somewhere between “Where you from?” and “where you headed?” Population “I didn’t know towns came that small.” On the shores of Lake “Say that again in English.”

6) “Ok, you know the rules, diet Pepsi and Mentos are not allowed on the shopping list at the same time.”

7) Coffins shouldn’t come that small.

These are all available for stealing, whatever you’re using them for. I might even use a few myself 🙂

Note: I did NOT make most of these up. I collected them from all over the place.


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