NaNoWriMo Journey: Day Three

Today is Saturday, and it marks day three of my crazy NaNoWriMo journey.

I went to my grandparents’ place today, which meant I didn’t have as much time for writing.

But I am sneaky, my friends, and I still managed to get to 15,003 words. Yes! I am victorious!

Here’s an excerpt, because I feel like burdening you with my very un-scintillating first draft attempts:


                ‘I always told you he was a dickhead.’

                ‘No you didn’t.’

                ‘Well, I meant to.’

                Mia got up off my bed and stormed around my room, flinging her hands up. I’d always thought she might be Italian, just because of how much she gestured. Seriously, she was multicultural all by herself.

                I was lying in bed with a cold, as a result of my rainy run. But Mia had come over, so that was nice. It was always nice when Mia came over.

                ‘I can’t believe he just left you there!’ she said, eyebrows disappearing into her hair. ‘Like…my gosh. That is just…really, Jess, you should be glad you’re rid of him.’

                I sipped my tea. ‘But that’s just the thing. I’m not. I still lo – like him.’

                ‘Or,’ said Mia, brandishing a finger, ‘Maybe you just think you like him.’

                ‘It’s possible.’

                ‘Remind me of what he said again?’

                I sighed and pulled the covers up further. We’d already been through this. ‘I told you. He said, “I feel as though this trial relationship hasn’t completely worked.” ’

                ‘Dickhead,’ Mia muttered again, flopping down on my bed. ‘You deserve better than him, Jess, you really do. He’s just a stuck-up, arrogant, jealous little…jealous little slug.’

                That made me laugh. Which made me cough, great big hacking ones. ‘Ugh, Mia, don’t. But really, you do have the greatest insults. Slug, that’s really good.’

                ‘Well, it fits,’ said Mia indignantly. ‘He’s a slimy little thing. And he messed with the wrong science geek, because you’re the only one with me as a best friend.’

                ‘Please don’t kill him,’ I said. ‘I need to see his face when he has to live without me.’

                Mia clicked and smiled at me. ‘See, Jess? Now that is the right attitude.’

                But the right attitude disappeared with Mia.


I hope the formatting works. But knowing my luck, it probably won’t.

So, yes, 15,003 words, as a result of bribery. Bribery works on me, especially when I’m the one bribing.

How’s your NaNoWriMo journey going?


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