NaNoWriMo Journey: Day Four

Hello there! Today I’ve written about 7,000 words, to bring me to a grand total of 22,688.

Harry Potter bribery really does work, I’m telling you.

I’m going well, I think. NaNoWriMo is telling me that at this rate I’ll finish on the 8th of November. Now how is THAT for killing it??? But I have to get to 60,000 to win a bet with a friend (high-stakes bet of LOLLIES) so I’m writing extra hard.

And the weird thing is that I’m enjoying it! I’ll not pretend that every word is easy to write – it isn’t. Sometimes I stare at the cursor for ten minutes, wondering why I got into this. But for the most part, I love my characters and the story I’ve created. I print each chapter as I write it, and I’ve managed not to edit at all.

Here’s another excerpt:

I’d already made the assumption that he played music, but I asked him anyway. ‘What do you play?’

                ‘Triangle,’ he said, with not a hint of sarcasm. None that my Sarcasm Detector could find anyway. ‘And also the tambourine. Sometimes the xylophone. Or the spoons.’

                ‘You are such an idiot,’ I said.

                He grinned. ‘I try.’

                ‘So you don’t actually play music, then?’

                ‘Nah,’ he said. ‘I’m more of an arty, English-y person, even though my parents would like to pretend otherwise. I like philosophy too, and religion.’

                ‘But why?’ I said, because I really could not understand it.

                He frowned. ‘Okay, can I ask you a question first?’

                I nodded.

                ‘Why do you like science?’

                Well, this was an easy question. ‘Because it helps us make sense of who we are. It explains things to us, you know? It makes things easier to comprehend.’

                ‘Exactly,’ said Mike, a smile blooming across his face.

 The paragraphing is spaced a bit too widely (THANKS, WordPress) but you get the idea. I’ll be posting another entry tomorrow for day five!

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