NaNoWriMo Journey: Day Five!



Above you is a picture of 1) my notebook and 2) my NaNoWriMo-novel-in-progress.

I’ve written almost 4,000 words today – a little less than usual, but I felt justified in having a break. I mean, 28,000 words!!!!! That’s quite a few words, and it looks even thicker when you print it out and realise it’s 57 pages.

So, here’s an excerpt from today’s writing:

That afternoon I stopped at the park again, hoping to see Casey. I sat at the bus shelter, but she wasn’t there. I would have recognised her yellow raincoat anywhere.

                Just as I was about to leave, though, a voice came from behind me.

                ‘Hi, Jess.’

                It was her, and she was wearing her yellow raincoat over a blue school uniform. It was too hot to wear a raincoat, really, but she didn’t seem to mind. She came and sat next to me on the bus shelter, looking at me with a curious expression, her head tilted to the side.

                ‘You used to be different,’ she said, confident.

                ‘What do you mean?’

                She crossed her legs, one over the other, and it made her look older. More mature, somehow. ‘I used to notice you here at the park, and you always looked heaps happier. You swung on the swings and you went down the slide.’ She thought for a bit more. ‘And you used to wear shoes that were different colours. Yellow and orange, sometimes. Why don’t you do that anymore? You looked so happy.’

                I thought about how to respond. It was never easy with a kid, especially one like Casey, but she had to hear it. ‘Sometimes, Casey, you can’t do what makes you happy. You have to do what makes other people happy.’

                She frowned, thinking about it. ‘But what if what makes you happy…what if it makes other people happy, too?’

                I felt my heart ache, regardless of the fact that James had told me it wasn’t possible. ‘Sometimes that can’t happen.’


I hope everyone’s doing well with their novels 🙂


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