NaNoWriMo Journey: Day Six



So today was November sixth, and apart from drawing this magnificent…thing (it was maths, I was bored…shoot me) I also wrote more than 5,000 words.

Which brings me to a grand total of: 34,101 words. And people say NaNoWriMo is hard.

Disclaimer: It is hard. I’m just bragging.

It’s been amazingly fun, and today I feel justified in even giving out a few hints.

1) Participate in word wars. Apart from bringing out your competitive side, word wars tend to make you write faster – because there’s another person competing, you can disappoint them as well as yourself.

2) Print out each chapter as you write it. When you see in real life how much you’ve written, it really will surprise you – or at least, it surprised me. That’s a LOT of paper.

3) Use the NaNoWriMo site to update your word count. This is really helpful and motivates you to keep going with your novel.

4) Stop at a bit where you WANT TO KEEP WRITING. I actually cannot stress this enough. It’s like reading a book and stopping at a cliff-hanger – you want to read more. Same applies to writing, and in the morning when you come back to it, you WANT to.

So, those are the tips from a loony teen writer. Share your own if you want, or tell me how you’re going 🙂

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