NaNoWriMo Journey: Day Seven



This post actually has nothing to do with cats, but I just thought I’d post a photo of my…um, my cats.

Well, my MC has a cat. Called Schrodinger, actually. She’s a science geek.

BUT THAT IS BESIDE THE POINT. Gosh, Emily, focus. The POINT is that I am on 37,308 words. Which is a lot of words, especially when you print them all out and they equal SEVENTY PAGES.

Sorry for the caps lock abuse, but this is exciting. I’m a very excitable person. NaNoWriMo tells me that I’m going to finish my 50,000 words by the 9th of November, which is…um…two days from now.


And you know what? I’m going to keep writing. Because that’s something all writers have in common: they write.

Yes, yes, yes, I’m a genius. Award me my medal later, I’m trying to be philosophical and stuff.

Okay, so, what I’m saying is that if a FIFTEEN-YEAR-OLD can do NaNoWriMo (and one that has to attend school, for crying out loud) anyone can. It’s about the determination and all that.

You know the deal. Sit down, get your typing fingers out and start typing. Make wars with yourself. Bet yourself that you can’t write 1000 words in half an hour (you can, trust me). Have wars with OTHER people, and make the punishment an embarrassing Tweet. I don’t know, be creative. You’re writers, you know how that stuff works.

Adios, amigos, and good luck with your novels.

Also, congrats to Obama. I mean, I’m Australian, but still.


2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Journey: Day Seven

  1. Good luck with the rest of NaNo! And I’m a sixteen-year-old kiwi writer, I can relate to the struggle between going to school and getting the words down onto paper!

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