NaNoWriMo: Day The Eighth



The above is so true. I made the mistake of reading back some of my earlier chapters and…yikes. December is going to be EmNoEdMo…Emily Novel Editing Month. Isn’t that clever of me?

But I don’t allow myself to think about editing yet. I found some fantastic typos, including “We had a choice of orange and silver tinsel, so I chose green.” I think that wins the contest. I have so much self-control that I didn’t even correct those mistakes – I know I’m going to be cutting a lot of my novel anyway, so why should I change it now?

Anyway, here’s an excerpt:


Dad got it into his head that we would make gingerbread, something neither he nor I had ever attempted before.

                ‘You’re in charge,’ said Dad.

                ‘What? I don’t know how to make gingerbread!’

                ‘I don’t care. I’m the father. You’re in charge.’

                ‘Isn’t that a bit – ’

                ‘Ironic? Yes. Now do as I say and be in charge.’

                The first problem came when we had to chill the dough, mostly because we forgot to. Five minutes and several sticky fingers later, we consulted the recipe again.

                ‘Oh,’ said Dad.


                ‘You’re supposed to be in charge!’ said Dad, whacking me lightly with the rolling pin. ‘Not acceptable, chef.’

                ‘You were the one reading me the recipe,’ I said, washing my hands. ‘It’s not the chef’s fault that the assistant is incompetent.’

                Eventually we got our gingerbread into the oven.

                ‘They look amazing,’ said Dad, more proud than he should have been.

                ‘No they don’t,’ I said. ‘They look like misshapen potatoes.’

                We hadn’t had a gingerbread cutter, and so we’d tried to make them into the shapes ourselves. Since neither of us were artistic, and the dough was warm, it hadn’t ended well. But the mixture tasted good, and we left some in the bowl. Dad dipped his finger into the bowl and licked it, smiling.

                ‘Don’t tell your mother.’

                ‘Course not,’ I said, licking my own finger.


Know that I’ve specifically chosen some of the better bits of my NaNo novel, because most of the other stuff is cringe-worthy. Hope everyone’s having fun with NaNo!


Current word count: 40,529

Projected finishing date: tomorrow according to NaNoWriMo, but I’m just aiming for this weekend. That is so exciting!!!!!!!!!


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