NaNoWriMo Day Nine And SO CLOSE

So I’m on more than 48k, but I’m not going to win tonight.

I’ve written almost 8k today, and I know my limits. I’d like to really finish tonight, but I’m going to save that win for tomorrow. I think I’ll be in more of a position to enjoy it then.

Plus I have to write this post 🙂

Today, I have something more to add. And that thing to add is this: NaNoWriMo is only the start. 50,000 words is not a novel, unless you’re writing books for younger readers. For YA or adult novels (probably even MG) it’s only the start.

Which is why I’m going to use the rest of November to continue with my novel. And then I’m going to use the months after that to edit and rewrite, because NaNoWriMo has done its job: it’s started me on a journey I’m not going to finish anytime soon.

And I think that’s a very valuable thing. Many times we get attacked by Shiny New Idea Syndrome, and just HAVE to abandon a current WIP to be enticed by the Shiny New Idea. NaNoWriMo forces you to stick with an idea, to believe in it. It forces you to give yourself a change.

That, more than all the fancy prizes and bragging rights, is the real prize.


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