Mutual Weirdness Excerpt

‘Want to play a game?’ I said, yawning.

                ‘Geez,’ said Mike, glancing back at me. ‘You sound like one of those people in horror movies. The ones that ask you to guess where they are in the house.’

                I shuddered. ‘I hate those movies.’

                ‘You would,’ he agreed. ‘They’re exciting.’

                I couldn’t hit him while he was driving, so I treated myself to a nice big tut. ‘So am I.’

                ‘Sure, sure. Okay, what game do you want to play?’

                I crossed my arms and rolled my eyes. ‘You really think I’m going to come up with something? I’m the science geek here.’

                ‘Fine,’ he said. ‘I’ll think of something. Okay, we’re going to play the…story game. I say a sentence, then you have to keep going with it.’ He cleared his throat. ‘Once upon a time there lived a girl called Jessica.’

                Well, this was going to be fun. I decided to go along with it and see what Mike had in mind. ‘And she was the fairest maiden in the land.’

                ‘She lived in Ogre Land,’ added Mike.    

                ‘She was friends with the ugliest ogre in Ogre Land,’ I said quickly. ‘Mike.’

                ‘Good, you’re getting the hang of it,’ said Mike, sounding pleased. ‘Here’s my sentence: they both loved art and music, especially Jess the Ogre.’

                ‘They also loved science, especially biology and physics.’

                Mike snorted. ‘Poor chemistry.’

                ‘What? DNA and quarks are much more interesting than acids. Anyway, it’s your go.’

                ‘They loved science and art and music. They loved being people, that was all. They loved to read and think and create, whether it was learning about leptons or the baroque music era. They realised that there were so many people in the world with feelings – people that had hopes and dreams and fears. Jess and Mike, they worked together…to become better people.’

                ‘That’s more than a sentence,’ I said softly.

                Mike glanced back at me, his face a picture of confusion. ‘I know.’


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