Forgiving Eve

So last week I entered the post-NaNoWriMo stage, the one where I started running around like a headless chicken, not knowing what to do with my life. It was literally, “I WROTE A NOVEL, NOW WHAT?” Well, of course I knew what – I had to put it aside, and then tear it apart.

But I still felt at sea.

So I started brainstorming some more novels. Here they are:

1) One singer and one mute girl, who are twins…I didn’t get further than that

2) The Endless Landscape, a book title…that was all I got

3) A pregnant butt-kicking fairy who hated the colour pink (I quite like this idea but at the moment I haven’t developed it any further)

And now there’s Forgiving Eve, my new WIP. Let me introduce it:

David meets Eve on the Apple Bridge, and both of them are about to commit suicide. What a way to meet someone. But when Eve convinces him not to jump, it begins a whirlwind romance, and David finds himself capable of happiness. After all, he finds nothing sexier than a girl who can quote chunks of Shakespeare without blinking.

But as their secrets start unravelling, the knowledge of betrayal and suffering seep into their lives. David and Eve’s strict Christian parents keep them apart, sure that knowledge is the root of all suffering. This might be the end to their library romance. Can they forgive each other, or will they continue to be bound by Eve’s first mistake?

This is just a working blurb for now, but I hope you like it. And the title. Do you guys like the title?


4 thoughts on “Forgiving Eve

  1. Hey, just wanted to say that I really like the title Forgiving Eve because it instantly captures my attention. I want to read on and find out what exactly she has done that requires forgiveness, and there you have a reader! Also, I had a dream once about a guy named David who wanted to commit suicide (by jumping off a roof), so I felt a connection with that blurb. He didn’t commit suicide. Dream-me talked him down. Go me. And I am a 16 year old writer from New Zealand, so we have a similar-ish background, which is cool. This is a weird comment ramble. It’s getting late, I can’t be held accountable for my irrational one-sided conversation skills. Good luck with your stories! (Write the one about the pregnant butt-kicking faerie. There’s a plot hook you don’t hear everyday.)

    • Thanks for your comment, Kristina! Go you, sleep-talking people out of suicide. I can’t say I’ve ever done THAT. I’m definitely going to write the butt-kicking fairy one. She’s kind of demanding that I write her story…and like you, I can’t be held accountable for my late-night rambling! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. Absolutely love the premise and title of ‘Forgiving Eve’. It’s the kind of book I love – who doesn’t love a Shakespeare-quoting heroine?? Really looking forward to hearing more about this. Good luck with it. 🙂

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