On Teen Writing and its Non-Suckage

Right, so lately I’ve been dwelling a lot on the fact that I’m a teen writer. And for a lot of people, that’s not a good thing. In fact, some people even go so far as to say that teen writing sucks. See here to read an article about teen writing and its suckage.

Since I’m a teen, it makes sense for me to disagree with the author of the article. But I do have a basis with which to argue this: the internet. Because of the internet, young teen writers today have access to a vast amount of information they wouldn’t have been able to access ten or twenty years ago.

Because of the internet, I know what literary agents are. I know to show and not tell. I’ve collaborated with so many authors and writers online that my knowledge of writing has increased tenfold.

Not only that, but teen writers are getting published today. Here is a post made by a teen writer, listing some teen authors. And here is a post about a young Australian writer who published her novel Girl Saves Boy at age sixteen.

So no, teen writing does not suck. It’s getting better all the time. Here’s to you, the teen writers, for sticking with it. You deserve to know that if you’re dedicated and passionate about writing, you can write.

I think John Scalzi was wrong when he created an article about teen writing and why it sucks. I think he should have said, rather, that beginners’ writing sucks. Because that I will agree with – but many teens have written for years. I know I have. Singling out teens as the only ones whose writing sucks is deplorable.

Teens are getting published today. And one day, you could be one of them.


10 thoughts on “On Teen Writing and its Non-Suckage

  1. The first link doesn’t work, I would have loved to read that article. I can’t judge it since I haven’t read it. But I do agree with you to the most.
    Seriously now, if writing is by age that means my grandma would be a better writer than JK Rowling or Jodi Picoult?
    I know so many teens haven’t surfed the wonders of English as long as some elders did, and many teens don’t have the richest of language and Vocabulary, but I do know there are millions of teens out there with a passion and a dream.
    It’s very hypocritical if you ask me. Because I am as sure as I live that that exact same writer has endorsed, if once in his life, the right of a child to dream and crawl to reach their goal. Maybe he even has kids and told them that failure is just a teacher not a sign to let go. But then the same people come around complaining instead of encouraging. It’s a shame for their generation, really.

      • Yes it worked, thank you.
        He actually has a point and it would have been pretty convincing if said differently.
        A few years back I wrote a novel, I was merely a 7th grader. I used to think it was really good and I showed it to my English teacher.
        To be honest, I can’t stand touching that novel now. The idea was okay but compared to today, it’s terrible.
        That teacher, though, didn’t tell me “teenage writing sucks”. He told me then “It’s good for a start but it could be much better. When you grow up a little you’ll see what I mean”
        And there’s nothing more crystal clear.
        They might have had the same point, but difference is that teacher is the reason I still write today. Maybe tomorrow I’ll say the same thing about my writings, but that just means I am improving.
        If that’s his way of writing stories, he’ll go down soon. “Too much ego kills your talent” *rolls her eyes*

  2. Exactly. I am SO glad I didn’t show anyone my novel in year seven. But I think there comes a point in teenager-hood when you stop sucking at writing. I’ve become much more writing-oriented this last year, and I’ve learnt so many things about writing that some adult writers don’t know about. I’ve corresponded with adult writers and had them like my novel. I think we’re always learning and it’s not fair just to point the blame at teenagers 🙂

  3. I read that post a while ago too, and I agree with you. 🙂 Teen writing has its drawbacks, obviously, but being a good teen writer is tons better than being a sucky middle-aged one 🙂

  4. That article irked me to no end. I am so sick and tired of reading condescending articles from adults who, for some unfathomable reason, believe that just because they’ve read some not-so-wonderful works from teen writers, it means the entire population of writers under the age of 20 are naive and untalented. The thing is, there are most certainly a fair amount of us who still have some learning to do, but then, there are a fair amount of adults who do as well. Writing is one of those things that transcends age – there’s no limit to how young or old you can be to do it well, and that’s one of the beautiful things about it. I kind of wish people could open their eyes and see that.

    Okay, rant over. It felt good to get that off my chest. 😉

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