So since NaNoWriMo’s finished, I’ve been working on a few ideas. You know, to distract me from the thing that is my first draft. This is a blurb of my new WIP – title to be decided soon, but it’s about a fairy that hates pink and wears combat boots. I mean, there’s proabably more to it than that. Let me know what you think!

Rae thinks she’s reached the height of teen problems when she finds out she’s pregnant – not to mention the fact that her boyfriend wants to abort the baby. But when she finds out that she’s a freaking fairy, her life takes a dramatic turn for the pink and sparkly. She’s introduced to a whole new world of horrible things, like smiling. And rainbows.

First she finds out that she’s got to kill some evil fairy chick. But of course, that would be too easy, and as the surprises pile in Rae’s wishing she just had a simple teen pregnancy to deal with.

Because Valeda isn’t a Dark Fairy. There’s someone pulling the strings, and Rae’s determined to find out who. But her unborn child’s life hangs in the balance, and Rae has to make some tough decisions – fast.


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