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So this month’s blog chain is about BOOKS THAT HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE. As I sat at my computer – which happens waaay too often, let me tell you –  my first thought was Harry Potter. Harry Potter has changed my life. And that’s true enough, but I think it’s a bit obvious. And besides, the writer I am now is not the writer who was influenced by Harry Potter. Which is probably for the better, looking back on my first “novel.” Good times…

So I kept thinking, and eventually I reached the answer of Looking for Alaska. First of all, Looking for Alaska introduced me to John Green – since then I’ve read every one of his novels, as well as his co-written ones. Thank God I did stumble across it.


But it wasn’t just because of that. I think Looking for Alaska was when I first considered writing contemporary YA. I’d read Jodi Picoult before, but I’d never found a YA equivalent. Never considered writing it.

And there it was. Looking for Alaska is the reason I’ve written two contemporary YA novels. It’s the reason I’m the writer I am now. It’s the reason I’ve watched all 1000+ of John Green and Hank Green’s Youtube videos. Basically, it’s changed my life – and for the better. The much, much better.

Since then I’ve picked up so many contemporary YA books, which have enriched my thoughts and my writing. I’ve discovered Twitter – yay for TCWT – and grown as a writer.

Harry Potter will continue to influence me, just as it has since I picked it up in second grade. You can’t erase that kind of huge series. But Looking for Alaska is the book that really defined me as a writer. It’s changed my life, and for that I’m grateful.

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4 thoughts on “TCWT Blog Chain

  1. I haven’t read anything by John Green. But I tried! I reserved Looking for Alaska from my local library, but, with 17 people before me, I decided to wait a bit. It is kind of hard pinpointing the exact novel, isn’t it? Loved reading your post!

    stopping by from the TCWT chain

  2. Nice post! I’ve read most of John Green’s books (okay, all his solo ones). Though I liked most of them, I wouldn’t list them among my favourites, but that’s mainly because I’m a fantasy kind of girl and not particularly interested in love stories… which is kind of a problem given that he tends to write contemporary novels with a strong romantic element 😉 Even so, I do tend to get emotionally invested in his books. After I read LFA the first time, I wrote a poem about it. It doesn’t sound like much, but I was stuck in a huge rut of writer’s block at the time, and it helped me get out. So I guess it had an impact on me! 😀

    • That’s exactly the thing about John Green: all his books are similar, so I guess you like his style or not. I like fantasy myself (Harry Potter, His Dark Materials, Eragon etc.) but I think since I’ve found John Green my tastes have grown to include contemporary YA…plus, that’s what I write at the moment.

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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