The Fault in Ours Stars…Movie?

I don’t think I’ve been this excited about a movie since, um, ever. I was too young to care about who they originally cast in the Harry Potter movies, and only really participated in the hype of the last few movies. So I’m excited about this movie, for obvious reasons: I get to experience The Fault in Our Stars (possibly my favourite book) in a whole new format, a whole new way. I’m not averse to movies being very different from books…as long as they do it right. Because as well as being excited for this movie, I’m also really, really scared. 

Here are my worries: 

1) They’ll turn it into some Hollywood movie. The actors will be boring and pathetic; the inherent sadness in the book will be exploited throughout the movie. It will lose its wittiness and charm, instead becoming one of those Cancer Movies. 

2) The themes of oblivion and infinity will be erased. 

3) Peter Van Houten will be cut.

4) Other minor characters will be cut. 

5) The Fault in Our Stars will become part of popular culture, so that the original sacredness is lost. The hipsters will exploit “my thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations” and overuse them so much I want to throw up. 

6) They just won’t get it right. It will be changed for the worse. 

7) They’ll make a dreaded MOVIE COVER in a new edition of The Fault in Our Stars – you know the one. They have the actors on the front cover. 

8) They’ll change the name of the movie to make it more “commercial.”

Those are my worries. It’s happened before to amazing books – Eragon and Percy Jackson, just to name two. Contemporary books might be different, I don’t know…I haven’t really seen and read many adaptations.

My fingers are crossed that this movie will be excellent.


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