Day 2 was fan-fiction. I’ve never read fan-fiction or written it, even though I’m part of so many fandoms, so this was a new experience. Anyway, at the time I was reading His Dark Materials, so this fanfic is based around that. It occurs maybe 50 or 60 years after the end of The Amber Spyglass. Again, you can find the prompts on this blog. Here we go:

Mary Malone had long since passed away, and now Will was taking what he knew to be his final breaths. Kirjava, the beautiful cat, lay on his breast, her breaths just as feeble as his. But Will felt a happiness as he had not felt for many years, because now he would be reunited with Lyra, his own beautiful Lyra.

So Will closed his eyes and let himself go, whispering goodbye to Kirjava – they would meet again soon.

The world of the dead was familiar. Will forced his old legs to continue walking, and then – there she was. He could never miss her.

She’d seen him too. With a wordless exclamation, she ran to him and they were together. Lyra, his Lyra. She began to talk, telling Will all about Iorek and Serafina Pekkala. He In turn told her about Dr Malone and his mother, both long dead. They did not speak of themselves, for it was much too painful to think of all those lonely years. But presently a silence arrived, and Will looked upon Lyra, drinking her in. She was old, like him, but within her was the same childish curiosity and kindness that he’d fallen in love with. And Lyra looked upon Will, and saw in him the same steadfast determination and calm as she’d first recognised all that time ago.

Together they came to the boat that would carry them across the water. Both knew that the other was thinking about the horrible day when they’d had to leave their daemons behind. But it just served to remind them of how much they’d been through together.

So as they travelled out over the water, Will and Lyra, still enamounred with each other, reminisced on all that had happened. And it was clear that they had not forgotten a single moment.

Whey they got ouf of the boat, they saw Gracious-Wings, and Lyra’s hand went to the spot on her scalp, long since healed, where the harpy had scratched her.

‘It’s you,’ screeched Gracious-Wings, and swooped down to see them. ‘Not children anymore.’

They looked at each other and smiled. ‘Not children anymore,’ Will agreed.

‘Have you got a story for me?’

‘I have,’ said Lyra, and Will knew what she was going to say. ‘This is my story, Gracious-Wings: every Midsummer’s Day, at midday, I went to the Botanic gardens. And I know Will was there too, because sometimes I thought I could feel him there, like our two worlds were just overlapping. And even though I married and had kids, I brought my husband there every year, and he knew that I would never love him as much as I love Will. You can love more than one person, but I could never love him as much.’

Will felt tears come to his eyes, and he wiped them away. ‘And I did the same thing. I could feel her too, I know I could. There was a shooting star once, and I wondered if she could see it too…I know she could, I know.’

Gracious-Wings dipped her head. ‘You two have grown. Come.’

She led them out the passageway that they’d trod so long ago. Hand in hand, they went together. One last window to go through. One last journey. Right before they stepped through, they looked at each other. Time had not erased their love, and it shone out now. They would become part of the sunbeams, and the morning dew, and the northern lights. They would join with Pantalaimon and Kirjava. They would be together, forever.

As one, they stepped out together, and let go.


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