30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 4

Day 4 was a poem including the words blue, mistrust, half and twang. I really hate writing poetry, and I’m not fussed on reading it either, so don’t expect to be too impressed. I sort of based it on one of my WIPs, Hoping for Rain. The challenge can be found here.

Out of a blue sky, a silver lining never emerges.

There have to be clouds to have


So she looks at the blue, blue sky with mistrust,

Perhaps wondering why calm skies always bode badly

Or why storms are so beautiful.

Because we are all looking for that

Silver Lining.


Out of the grey sky, hope is abundant.

There has to be a blue sky to feel


So she passes half her time wondering,

And half her time thinking that things ought to be better.

Because the storm is so beautiful, but life is not.

And we are all looking for that

Silver Lining.


Out of the blurry sky, nothing seems distinct.

There has to be something to feel


With the twang of a guitar, tuneless and broken,

She dreams of her dreams.

She wades muddily through the ill-defined time.

Because she has never found the

Silver Lining.

2 thoughts on “30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 4

  1. Hey Emily, guess who? It’s ambivalence, joining you on the blogging front >:] My ‘online name’ is Laila, just so you , for reasons, at this time of night, I can’t be bothered explaining.

    But girl, I can’t believe you hate writing poetry and manage to conjure something as intriguing and beautiful as this poem… I seriously envy your talent. At some point, I shall check out ‘Hoping for Rain’, though it probably won’t be in the near future… still, I am thoroughly impressed ^_^ Cheers, and happy writing (:

    • HI! A PERSON! Well, welcome, Laila. No but seriously, I DO hate poetry. It just always sounds so pretentious and stupid and blech. But I’m glad you liked it 🙂

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