Book Review: The Name of the Star (by Maureen Johnson)

So I’ve been reading Maureen’s tweets for about four months, and I figured I HAD to like her books. I got The Name of the Star for Christmas, but didn’t read it until last week – for some reason I was avoiding it, because I thought it was a historical book. Which it isn’t.

BUT ANYWAY. I was right. It’s amazing. And funny. And gruesome. And scary. It was quite a long book, I suppose, but I read it in one night and started the second one.

It’s got all the charm of Maureen Johnson’s tweets, all the horror of…um, horror, and just this great feel to it. I felt like I was experiencing the Ripper murders all over again. The way Maureen Johnson captures a specific place and time is unparalleled. I know her style is more contemporary, but I’d really love if she did more books like this.

I think the best bit was that it had all the fun of contemporary comedy (funny characters, HILARIOUS protagonist and English boarding school…yes, please) and all the interest of a historical event like the Ripper murders.

Definitely will be rereading.


4 thoughts on “Book Review: The Name of the Star (by Maureen Johnson)

  1. Ripper murders? Like Jack the Ripper? O_O ‘Cause then I’m… really really reallyreally interested o.o Especially if combined with a English boarding school (:

  2. I totally thought it was historical fiction too! The cover is definitely confusing. If you like Maureen Johnson you should also check out one of her earlier books, Thirteen Little Blue Envelopes. In my opinion, it is even better!

    • I know! That’s why I didn’t pick it up for so long. I read Thirteen Little Blue Envelopes as well – didn’t like it as much, maybe because the protagonist seemed a bit…I don’t know, like she wasn’t developed enough or something. But it was a good quick read. I haven’t read any others of Maureen’s, but I would definitely pick them up.

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