Day 9 – Heaven

Day 9’s prompt was “your favourite city in less than 250 words.” Because I’m a pretentious person, I chose heaven. This is probably the corniest thing I’ve ever written, but…well, I can’t always be amazing 😛

My favourite city is one that may not even exist. If it does, people usually tend to call it Heaven – the place we go to die. It may be a city, it may be an underwater palace, it may be that it’s not a city at all but a whole world, and we experience all of it at once. Perhaps there are angels, or perhaps we live again.

Two things would ruin it, though. First, if we went nowhere at all and ceased to exist. And two, if we went on for eternity.

Both are terrible thoughts. Ceasing to exist and enduring forever are both so…eternal. I don’t want eternal life. I just want to know that there’s something else, something that indicates our short-lived lives have meaning. Something to indicate it’s not an accident.

There are those that go before their time, and those who have been ready for years. But we are all going. There is no meaning unless we think so. And I think so. We are conscious, and alive, and curious, and thoughtful, and flawed, and human. We exist. We don’t need divine intervention to know we matter, but all the same, it would be nice.

So Heaven is my favourite city, and when it’s my time, I can’t wait to visit.


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