Day 10 – The Mysterious Box

Day 10’s prompt: Start story with: “She touched the little box in her pocket and smiled…” I’m publishing this writing challenge late, by the way. I just finished it yesterday, so I actually wrote these about 20 days ago. Anyway, here’s the story for the tenth day. It’s based around Pandora’s box:

She touched the little box in her pocket and smiled. Nobody would connect her to this box. Nobody besides her parents even knew that her name was not Andy but Pandora, the last remaining Keeper of the universe. And why would they need to know?

Andy was two days off sixteen. For all her friends knew, they were celebrating the birthday at Andy’s house with a sleepover. But she’d arranged something different, something magical. Because this was her sixteenth birthday – this was the day that the box would open for her.

She sped up and raced through the school gates just as the bell sounded. Trudy merged with her, long black hair swinging. Poor thing, her parents had called her Gertrude – and in this time and age! ‘Hi, Trude.’

Trudy joined arms with Andy and grinned. ‘Hey, Andy. Ready for the big day?’

‘Am I ever,’ she said. ‘I can drive soon, you know.’

‘Excellent, you can drive me places.’

Andy met up with her other friends at recess. There was Dita, the diminutive Sri Lankan girl, short for Anandita. She exclaimed as Andy approached and clung to her with surprisingly strong arms. ‘Andy! Guess who just asked me out? Ben freaking Jenson. Can you believe it? Should have seen all the white girls when we were holding hands…’ She chuckled, the smile spreading out across her face.

‘Bet they would have been furious,’ she agreed.

Then Jay came and sat down with them. She didn’t talk much, but somehow they’d all become friends. Trudy, Dita, Jay and Andy. They made a good little group, and all of them friends for a span of at least five years. There had been petty fights in primary school, but their similarities had become painfully obvious after the ninth grade, and now they stuck together.

‘So,’ said Andy, clapping her hands, ‘All of you ready for the sleepover on Saturday?’

‘Can I bring Ben?’ said Dita. Andy could have sworn there were actual stars in her eyes.

‘No,’ she said. ‘For two reasons. One, he’ll probably have dumped you by then.’ She held up her hands. ‘Hey, just going by his record. And two? My mum would probably skin me alive, chop off all my fingers one by one, bury me, dig me up and feed me to our dog.’

Trudy and Jay looked a bit horrified. Andy couldn’t really blame them.

Dita just smiled. ‘Okay.’

‘Oh,’ said Andy, ‘And remember to bring your camping materials. Sleeping bag, compass, whatever.’

‘Who has a compass?’ said Jay.

‘And why in the blue-spotted heck do we need camping materials?’ Trudy raised her eyebrows.

Andy grinned and put a finger to her lips. ‘Ah, but that would be telling, wouldn’t it?’


2 thoughts on “Day 10 – The Mysterious Box

  1. Say whaaaaaaaa? They should make a law for this challenge: you have to finish the damn story. You can’t just say this little lady has the Pandora’s box and is looking forward to unleashing its wrath (for some inexplicable reason… unless she’s naturally a psycho, like moi) and then not even GET TO THE POINT.

    & spontaneous fact, I like that you have a Sri Lankan girl. ‘Cause I’m Lankan, and when I see stuff like that, I get a bit of Curry pride ^_^

    • Haha, that’s the good thing about short stories – you don’t have to finish them! But I promise you, if I ever continue this story (and I probably will – it’s a nice little premise) I will post it on this blog.

      But yes, Lankan represent (I mean, I’m Australian with British heritage, but still…I have so many Lankan friends). Thanks for stopping by!

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