30 Day Writing Challenge Day 12

For day 12, I had to pick 10 random words and make an alternate meaning for them (for this, I had to pick words I had no idea of the meaning). The phrase in brackets is what the word actually means. Funny how some of them are actually close to my new (and, I daresay, improved) definition. Take a look:

1. Skirr – a skirr is a type of fairy that is only visible at night. It’s small – less than a metre, usually – and a mottled green-brown colour. Or at least, that’s their natural colour. They can take any form they wish. Most of them are female, the males having been died out. They are more or less immortal. (move rapidly with a whirring sound)


2. Xanthic – Having “xanths” ie. Many colours. Xanthic creatures or people have colourful skin, often all different colours of the rainbow. The xanthic people, though, are very shy, and barely ever seen. Even when people do see them, they often go blind or insane, because many of the colours don’t exist on Earth. (having a yellowish colour)


3. Papilla – a type of meal made from tortillas, caterpillar juice, red peppers and apricots. Enjoyed by many multicultural dwarves. (a small round protuberance)


4. Girasole – an optical illusion lens which, when pointed at the sun, gives the appearance that it’s night time. Very useful for astronomers. (a place)


5. Kef – A biscuit, easy to make and keeping for a long time. They can be made in large batches and are waterproof. (something smoked to produce a drowsy state)


6. Claudent – having the appearance of someone you’ve seen before; inducing a sense of deja vu in all that see you. The claudents blend in almost everywhere. (shutting, confining, drawing together)


7. Quidam – a tall elf that often passes as a tree – long brown body with numerous fingers. Often trees will sway, but they are actually quidams.(a show produced by Cirque du Soleil)


8. Ephod – a cloak that renders the wearer partially invisible. The cloak decays very quickly and the wearer then regains visibility. (sleeveless garment worn by Jewish priests)


9. Indite – a metal precious to the fairy people. It’s used to power their cities and is used in all of their clothes. Indite fibres have a slight healing spell imbued in them. (produce a literary work)


10. Uloid – a variety of elf with only one limb, a central leg. There are many different types of uloids, very diverse, and that is the only characteristic they share. (resembling a scar)


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