Book Review: Saving June


I first got this book a couple of years ago from my mum. I wasn’t really into YA at that time (still clinging onto my Harry Potter days). But recently we moved house, and I was unpacking all my books, and I thought, hey! This looks like a good book!

And it is. There’s something very honest and raw about it. Basically what happens is that Harper, the main character – well, her sister dies. And her parents want to split the ashes, but Harper is like HELL NO, and drives away with the ashes to California, which is where June always wanted to go. With Harper travel Laney and Jake.

The relationship between Jake and Harper is different to any I have ever seen. Even when they start to fall in love with each other, they still argue and have different opinions. They remain the people they were before they liked each other. And I think that’s important. I’ve written before on this blog how I’m sick of books about boyfriends, but…I don’t know. This one seemed different.

Not to mention the fact that Harper’s best friend Laney is totally amazing. She calls Jake out on his music taste, calling him a “douche-baggy hipster music snob with the tastes of a forty-year-old white guy.” I think in most contemporary books, there is a character like this, and Laney was a very refreshing twist to the old trope.

I liked this book. I liked it when I read it two years ago, and I think I can appreciate it even more now. 4/5. Would recommond to people who like contemporary books, road trips, and romantic nostalgic sad beautiful journeys.


4 thoughts on “Book Review: Saving June

  1. Is it me, or did you miss out on the review for Sister of the Traveling Pants?
    Either way, this book sounds great, I may take you up on it. On the other hand:
    ‘still clinging onto my Harry Potter days’
    – OI. What’s wrong with that?
    Also, may I point out that the relationship between this Jake and Harper sounds very much like precious Won-Won and Hermione? Just sayin’. I love my HP 😛

    Happy reading (:

    • Oh, I did mean to do that actually…maybe that can be after ALL THIS COULD END (by Steph Bowe. Amazing). I liked Sisterhood, actually. And about clinging onto Harry Potter days, well, yes 🙂 they’re still there, obviously! But I’ve branched out into contemporary now, which I LOVE.

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