Book One in the Heartkeeper Saga
Release Date: July 6, 2013
Heartkeeper should reflect free on AMAZON soon!

Today on the blog tour, I’m very pleased to be interviewing B T Lyons, who actually made the cover art for her own book! Without further ado, here’s what HEARTKEEPER is about:

“People of the Field, of the Cave, of the Forest, and of the Mountain, and all the places and habitats in between, our race is able to gather here tonight because in time past we found that we were not the warden of the Earth, but the Earth was our warden, our sustainer, our parent…”
Mankind has survived the near-collapse of life as they knew it, now living in harmony with the world around them.  Adain, a young Tenderfoot of this Future Earth, is about to take part in his Heart Chase – the search for a companion animal spirit that will act as his companion and conscience for the rest of his life.  Success in the Heart Chase and surviving the subsequent Trials over the year ensures his place amongst the People as an adult, but failure means his certain death…
…and his whole future lies on the Heart of a mouse.
Heartkeeper is the first book in the “Heartkeeper Saga”, an epic adventure of friendship, challenges, and danger as humans struggle to regain their foothold in a new world that is no longer theirs to control.  Can they survive in balance with the Earth, or will the Earth decide they no longer belong?
Sounds awesome, right? Well, now onto the awesome interview with the awesome B T Lyons:
First of all: tell us briefly what your book’s about.
The Heartkeeper Saga (which currently includes the first two books, Heartkeeper and Heartbound) is set several hundred years in Earth’s future, where mankind is struggling to recover after ecological disaster.  Humans have learned again how to see the spirits of animals, and have formed a Covenant where each person as a teenager is bound to a Heart – the spirit of a creature that will be their companion for the rest of their lives.  This arrangement helps guarantee that humans will never again ignore the needs of the Land or put it in jeopardy… but the People’s new culture is beginning to change as individuals start to revert to their old selfish ways that brought the destruction of civilization in the first place.  The series follows several young people and their Hearts as they try to help resolve this crisis before the People can put themselves at serious risk again.
What would you like readers to take away from this book?
The big thing that I would like people to take away from the series is that young folk are capable of amazing things when you give them the chance to live, learn, and prove themselves.  Sometimes it is best not to hand them everything, or provide all the answers.  Let them really show you what they can do on their own… and to the younger people reading this, get out there and show everyone what you are made of!
What’s your favourite part of writing?
My favorite part of writing is when your characters become their own people, with their own goals, desires, aspirations, and most intriguingly, their own reactions.  An author may have a plot laid out from beginning to end for their story, but as they are writing it, they may realize that one of their characters wants to react completely differently to a situation than the author had originally envisioned it.  It’s almost like arguing with a real person as you try to “reason” with your character to get the story back on track, and sometimes you just give in and change it completely to fit what the character has decided to do.
Do you think you’ll keep writing for young adults?
I will definitely always be a fantasy writer, but I don’t set out specifically to write for young adults; it just works out that way for now.  The Heartkeeper Saga, for example, has no need for adult language or situations, and I see no reason to try to force those things in to try to reach a different market.  I’d love for anyone  of any age to be able to enjoy what I write, not just young people or just older folks.
And finally: best bit about Clean Teen Publishing?
The first thing that caught my eye about CTP, and the reason why I originally was interested in submitting to them, was their rating tree and how they disclose the content of a book on  various levels while still maintaining that the point of the rating system is not to censor the content, but to inform the reader.  It struck home with me because one thing I truly do not enjoy reading is romances… I think I am completely lacking the voyeurism gene, and I am always disappointed when I am reading an excellent book only to find out halfway through that it gets taken over by romantic elements.  I was thrilled when I saw CTP’s rating system and thought to myself, “wow, I wish they had this on more books so I could just take a glance at the disclosure and decide if it’s right for me”.  Who knows, eventually I might write something with a foul-mouthed soldier or something that is more violent, and I’m very comfortable doing that knowing that if CTP publishes it, anyone can just glance and decide if it works for what they are in the mood for reading.
About the author:
B.T. Lyons was born in 1973, growing up in Boylston, Massachusetts, and lived her early life working on the family goat farm and learning wilderness survival skills in the surrounding woodlands.  She is a jack-of-all-trades, having worked as everything from a zookeeper to bookstore manager, to a horror theme park actress, to a radio personality, to a builder of utility trucks.
She shares her home with her husband and her thirteen-year-old daughter, as well as a rat terrier, a Pomeranian, a ball python, and a rotating guest list of foster animals from the local humane society. B.T. is a rabid video game addict, and also enjoys drawing and creating various Neolithic-style handcrafts as her other hobbies. She is inspired by authors such as Richard Adams, Tad Williams, and Ray Bradbury.
 Connect with B.T. Lyons: 

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