Yes, friends! Today is very important, because there is a GIVEAWAY. But before I talk about that, let’s talk about the Night Marchers series.


(YA Paranormal Romance)
Available now through Amazon, B&N, iBookStore, Smashwords and Sony Kobo.
Watch the trailers today! Night Marchers and Redemption

(these are a little blurry, but they’re awesome. Trust usss, Hobitsss. Ahem. Sorry)

The NIGHT MARCHERS series is brought to you by Rebecca Gober and Courtney Nuckels. Sound familiar? That’s because I’ve also blogged about their other series, the ELE series, in this blog tour. But anyway, here’s the interview:

First of all: tell us briefly what your book’s about.
Our Night Marcher’s series follows Emma Townsend, a seventeen-year-old who is forced to move to Hawaii when her father gets a job transfer, on an adventure that will change her life forever. Emma soon finds that moving thousands of miles away from home during her senior year is the least of her worries when she encounters some very real spirit warriors known as Night Marchers.
Our series is based on a Hawaiian legend. Hawaiians believe that Night Marchers are ghosts of warriors past who march in formation throughout the island.  The legend says that if you look into the eyes of a Night Marcher the consequence would be death or eternal slavery. There have been many noted sightings of Night Marchers throughout Hawaiian history. In our book you will see us touch on this legend as well as a few other legends in Hawaiian history.
What would you like readers to take away from this book?
If you are ever in Hawaii, whatever you do, NEVER, EVER, Look a Night Marcher in the eye!
What’s your favourite part of writing?
We shared a little bit of what our favorite part of writing is during our ELE Series interview so we will share our favorite part of writing together as co-authors here: You can write quicker with two people, you have the buddy system that holds each other accountable to keep on writing the story and to not let it sit stagnant, we get to brainstorm new worlds and have double the input and it’s fun!
Do you think you’ll keep writing young adult books?
Most definitely! YA is our favorite genre for writing and reading. We aren’t planning to cross over genres anytime soon. The furthest we may go is New Adult (college age) but you never know what the future holds. 🙂
And finally: best bit about Clean Teen Publishing?
CTP is the best publishing company out there! They have a content rating system, which is truly unique and the only one out there at this time, they offer awesome marketing support and they have a house full of talented authors!
*Once again our opinion may be a bit biased* 🙂 
They seem fun, don’t they? You should totally go follow them and stuff.
Twitter: MidniteBeckie and NuckelsC
AND NOW FOR THE GIVEAWAY. How exciting! It will be open for a week. What’s on offer is a bookmark prize pack (because bookmarks ALWAYS seem to go missing), and two digital copies of any Clean Teen book – of the winner’s choosing. BOTH ARE INTERNATIONAL, so get those Rafflecopter fingers earning some entries.
Also, thank you to Clean Teen Publishing for this opportunity. Thanks to all the authors for participating. And thanks to YOU for reading this!


  1. Great interview guys. I admire anyone who successfully co-authors a book. There must be a lot of trust and mutual vision there. Bother of your series sound interesting.

    Tough choice Em, there are lots of great books from Clean Teen Publishing. The ones that grabbed my eye were Wind Warrior and Double Star. I do like the sound of the Ele series too.

  2. I agree, co-authoring a book sounds incredibly hard! But I’m sure the results can be amazing. I also love the Hawaiian mythology angle of these books–never seen that before!

  3. Sounds like an incredible series! I’ve co-written a book with my sister…it’s definitely hard, but totally worth it. You never quite know how the book will turn out. 😉 Love the sound of these books. Big congrats to the authors!! (And thanks for the giveaway!) 🙂

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