Stuff I’ve Done This Year

Today I’m going to talk about the stuff I’ve done this year – writing-related, I mean.


My 2012 NaNOWriMo novel, MUTUAL WEIRDNESS, is now in its 6.5th draft (how would you say that number? Six point five-th??). I’ve entered it into two competitions, and got some awesome feedback on my query, first 250 words and first 5 pages. MUTUAL WEIRDNESS partials are currently out in the agent world, but I’m going to complete another draft before I query anyone else.

Basically, MUTUAL WEIRDNESS is Jessica McDonald’s story. Her boyfriend wants her to stop being weird, but then she meets this guy Mike, who is completely insane (collects dandelions and wears oven mitts, for example) and also fairly great. And it’s about sense of self, and not fitting in the right boxes, and orange minivans, and doll shoes…and I quite like it, actually.


I started this novel when I was…like 14? Or something? Basically I’ve decided it sucks. It’s not original, and not very well-written either. I may take some elements from it and shelve it. But that means I’ve become a better writer, so I’m happy.


I wrote a story called THE DAISY LIST this year in July. This is a very personal story to me. It’s about a girl who moves from Australia to England so her mum can die in her home country. This is based on my mum’s own story. The main character, Daisy, gets this list from her mother…the daisy list, which is like a bucket list. So her mum is kind of living THROUGH her. Except there are all these family secrets and a funny Asian/British boy and Daisy actually kind of hates her family. I want to revise this WIP once I’ve finished my current first draft of…


This is just a working title, because I don’t really like it anymore. I’m really excited about this project, enough to work on it during school hours (take THAT, maths). It’s a split-POV (which I’ve never done) from the perspectives of William, a blind boy, and Ashley, a deaf girl (who is Indian, another thing I’ve never written about before). It’s really challenging to write, because the way they communicate is VERY different to other people. And it’s harder to connect for them. But I’m having a lot of fun with it, and it’s both funny (I hope) and kind of sad? Which is nice, I guess.


This November, I plan to write the first draft of a project I’m calling GRANNY in my head. A girl (haven’t decided her name yet) gets sent to her grandparents’ place by her neglectful parents to get homeschooled. And she and her Granny have this hilarious rivalry, and challenge each other to do stuff. Like, Granny comes to a high school with MC, and MC has a match of lawn bowls with Granny. Granny also has an alligator. Also, MC’s cat talks (yeah, so it’s kind of an insane story, but I guess that says something).

*takes deep breath* so a lot’s been happening this year. What about you? What have you worked on this year?


6 thoughts on “Stuff I’ve Done This Year

    • Hey there! Great blog name. I have not published anything yet, no. However, that is the goal I am constantly working towards, and hopefully one day it will happen 🙂

  1. Ohwow, LOVE the sound of GRANNY. (I totally vote for calling it that. 😉 Haha…!) This is an awesome collection of WIPs. You have been busy this year… 😉

    • I’m VERY excited for GRANNY. I love writing funny stuff, which is why I had so much fun with MUTUAL WEIRDNESS. Who knows? That might be its actual name. And yes, I have been busy. It seems like so much more now that it’s written! But to be fair, I do write a lot in class time 🙂

  2. YOU GET SO MUCH DONE. And you’re so proactive. Even though I don’t know you a lot, I really can’t wait to see your books published one day, and I definitely can’t wait to read them 🙂 They all sound so quirky ^_^

    As for me, this year: NOTHING. I mean, I’ve written a short story here and there, but seriously, NOTHING. I had this one novel I was working on, CHIPPED, and it got very far, and then I just couldn’t do it anymore – it wasn’t planned enough, and even though 80% of the ideas were my own, I read some books (LONG AFTER I started writing this) and I felt like they had stolen my ideas already 😦 That being said, I’m not ditching the story; I’ve decided to start rewriting for NANO this year, and I’m kind of excited because now I know my characters really well, and my writing will be improved (considering I started this years ago)… so I can’t wait for that. But up til now, and until then, again: NOTHING.

    *breathes* Wow, I didn’t realise I needed to get that off my chest o.O

    • This year has definitely taken off. But sometimes you just need to do something new, and I definitely think NaNo is a great way to make that happen. Maybe you could consider doing that? Leaving ths story for a while and starting something new?

      As for my stories…haha, yes, they are fairly quirky. Hopefully they will be published someday. Thanks for commenting, and I wish you all the best with your writing 🙂

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