Book Review: Every Breath by Ellie Marney


Recently I’ve been getting into Aussie books. My school library always has the new Aussie releases, so I borrow some from there and buy some from my local Dymocks.

Every Breath by Ellie Marney is my most recent Aussie addition – and I didn’t borrow it from the library, which means it gets to sit at the top of my bookshelf.

I have to admit I was a bit dubious about this book. But this time, I wasn’t being a book cover snob – I was being a book title snob. “Every Breath” sounded to me like some sappy teen romance. Obviously I’m not very good at actually reading the blurb.

My one-sentence description: teenaged Sherlock-style detectives trying to solve the murder of a homeless man, who was killed in a zoo.

The title was the only weakness in what was an amazing book. You know when people say they can’t put a book down? I’ve been able to put down every book in the history of ever. Sure, I read The Fault in Our Stars in one sitting, but I’m pretty sure I glanced up every ten minutes so I could stop crying.

In the last fifty pages of Every Breath, though, I didn’t look away once. It was terrifyingly awesome. I guessed it (the killer, that is) but the reveal was still shocking. The mystery was very well done. I also loved the secondary characters, who felt very well fleshed out.

Another pro was the family. They had real problems, and real arguments, and the teenagers felt like real teenagers. Sure, the murder and the solving of the murder isn’t exactly realistic, but I don’t want to read realistic things in a crime novel. I want to read about a trip to the zoo that will never mean the same thing again!

And by golly, I certainly got one. Remind me not to go near lions again…like, ever.

My rating is 4.5 stars. I took a quarter of a star off for the title (Diogenes would have been so much better, ARGH!) and a quarter off for referencing Sherlock Holmes within the book, which – completely subjectively! It might have worked for others – I didn’t like.

Thanks to Ellie Marney for writing a great book.

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