Celebrating Aus Blog Hop: Finding Nemo, Markus Zusak and Other Awesome Aussie Authors


Today we’re celebrating Australia Day (AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE! OI OI OI!). While it’s an excuse for most of the country to get dunk, I’ll be celebrating by…reading. Which is just fine by me.

Here’s a welcome from our Prime Minister:

ImageAussie Owned and Read turns one today! How exciting! I’ve loved blogging over there, and will continue to do so until the sun burns out (maybe not quite literally). Let’s give it up for awesome Aussie literature!

flagge-0968.gif from 123gifs.eu Download & Greeting Card

Okay, so basically I’m going to let Finding Nemo do the talking for me. In 2013, I was really excited to read more Aussie YA books than ever before, by authors like Ellie Marney, Melissa Keil, Will Kostakis, Emily Gale, Karen Foxlee, Steph Bowe and lots of others. This was my reaction when I found them all and loved them:

imageAnd when other people tried to borrow the Aussie books that I wanted:

imageBut definitely, my favourite Aussie author is Markus Zusak. Fun fact: my dad went to the same high school as Markus, and my uncle used to play footie with Markus’s brother! Anyway, his writing is so literary and different and AWESOME.

And there are so many GREAT Aussie authors, so in the end I’m just like:

But it’s kind of inspiring. I mean, if they can do it, I can do it, right? Steph Bowe is one of my ultimate idols, because she was published at, like, 16 years old – with an agent. And not just any agent but Ginger Clark. That’s pretty amazing. Then there are also great Aussie book bloggers, promoting Aussie writing and doing what they do for free. I just want to MEET all these people, but I’ll probably come off as completely psycho, something like this:

So yeah, those are the Aussie authors I love, and I look forward to discovering many many many many many many (many) more. Props to Lauren and Stacey from Aussie Owned and Read for organising all of this!

(Wow, I should let Finding Nemo talk for me more often!)

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Who are your favourite Aussie authors? What do you like about their writing?

10 thoughts on “Celebrating Aus Blog Hop: Finding Nemo, Markus Zusak and Other Awesome Aussie Authors

  1. Yay for Finding Nemo GIFs! (I confess that my post is completely about Australian memes…from Pinterest. But hey. It’s (sort of) logical.) Kind of cringing of that pic of the PM. >_< And you are like famous by default! Sort of! But that's awesome that your dad went to the same school as Markus Zusak!! WOW!!!

    • They’re cool, right? I can’t wait until the second movie!

      Haha, the GIF of Tony was my way of passive-aggressively expressing my dislike without going into politics. Now I’ve just ruined it.

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