I adore this book. The main character, Josie, is relatable right from the start – her little sister is helping her pick an outfit for the start of an internship the next day, which reminds me of me and MY sister. Josie is awkward and funny and completely clueless about clothes, which just made me love her more. And her mum is just as hilarious. You catch glimpses of her in quotes like this:

Walking out of the toilet cubicle was more embarrassing than the time Mum made Kat and me wear Stackhat bike helmets in the car after watching a disturbing news item on road fatalities.

It was just so real and funny and honest. Josie reminds me of me, and while it may be narcissistic to enjoy reading about someone similar to me, I enjoyed making comparisons. For instance, when I did work experience last year, I was on the wrong train platform until a minute before my train was due to leave. I ran up the stairs to get to the next platform, dropping one of my shoes on the way. On that same day, I also got off at the wrong bus stop.

The start of the internship doesn’t go well for Josie. She has to do all sorts of menial jobs (I won’t spoil them because they’re hilarious) and meets a few awful people. Her successes and failures along the way are fantastic to read about – in between YA and NA, in my opinion, the story is perfect for older teens and twenty-somethings, as well as the “real adults.” The best thing about Josie is that she really knows what she wants, and she’s determined to get it.

The Intern has a couple more fantastic quotes that I just have to share:

A Guy Who Brings Me Yummy Food was number six on my ideal-boyfriend wish list, followed closely by A Guy Who Makes Me Laugh Until I Cry Or Snort at number seven.

“Slutty the bush skankeroo”

“I like eating Nutella straight from the jar while watching musicals.”

The first and third ones just make me love Josie even more, while the second one made me laugh out loud. I left out the cringeworthy parts (there are a few, the sort that make you feel embarrassment on their behalf) because they made me want to do this:

Hint: Josie is COMPLETELY clumsy.

There’s a bit of romance in this book, too. While it didn’t seem HUGELY important, James and Josie had a great relationship from the start (in that she thought he was a burglar).

I liked the themes of never giving up, and pursuing your dream, and helping your family. It was realistic about the media industry as well as hopeful. Basically, a warm, happy, lovely read, and I’m glad it sits on my bookshelf rather than having to go back to the library.

My rating: 5 Wonderkitties (this is my new rating system – what do you guys think?)



  1. “Slutty the bush skankeroo” – what an awesome line.
    As for Nutella, I also mention it in my MS though from a different prospective, after living in Paris and seeing 5KG jars of Nutella for sale in France & Italy not as a joke, but for serious consumption, and crepes with banana, chocolate and Nutella everywhere, I will never look at Nutella the same way again!

    This novel sounds like seriously fun…!

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  5. This sounds really interesting, but being a journalist whose done a few internships at magazines I’m always dubious about reading books based on that theme! I may just give this a go though… 😉

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