Loony’s Musings (1): Back to School

So this is a new feature I’m going to be doing. I’ll post every Wednesday about what’s happening with my life, and sometimes it will relate to reading and writing.

This year, I’m in year 11. Which for all you Americans is junior year (I think?). Anyway, my second-last year at school, and I am simultaneously this:

And this:

But seriously, I’m REALLY excited for this year. My subjects are as follows:


Extension English

Society and culture



Legal Studies

Studies of religion

Do you notice something about that list? NO MATHS. NO SCIENCE. I AM FREE. Bye bye, silly subjects!

I’ve also got amazing teachers and great classes this year. Basically, I’m excited!!

What I’m reading at the moment:

– Fellowship of the Ring (for school)

– The One and Only Jack Chant by Rosie Borella (for review)

What I’m writing at the moment:

– This blog post (ha!)

– A second draft of my WIP, The Daisy List

Books I’ve read recently:

The Intern by Gabrielle Tozer

Shift by Em Bailey

The Key to the Golden Firebird by Maureen Johnson

What I’ll be blogging about next:

– The recent Harry, Hermione and Ron fiasco, and why books belong to their readers

Right so anyway, back to school.

It’s going to get more hectic for me this year. Year 11 means that next year I’ll be doing my HSC. Next year I’ll also be an adult.

But it’s okay. I’ll still refuse to tie my shoelaces. I love school for so many different reasons: I love the people, I love learning, I love the teachers who are all so supportive, and I love the community. I go to a nerd school (Penrith Academic Selective High School as titled by the snobby principal – we nickname it PASHS). Going to a nerd school means that we have a giant chess set and also that the biggest behavioural problem is hacking the school computers or creating homemade tasers. It’s a fun place.

What with school coming back, I’m going to have less time to read. In fact I’m going to have less time for everything. But on the weekend, I got the chance to create an awesome blog button, which you can grab here:

<a href="https://theloonyteenwriter.wordpress.com/&#034; target="_self"><img src="”http://i1348.photobucket.com/albums/p732/emily_june1/BlogButton_zpsfda70fae.png”&#034; alt="”The Loony Teen Writer”" width="125" height="125" /></a>

And it’s all thanks to Cait Drew’s tutorial on how to make a blog button. Thanks, Cait!

Maybe, when it gets further into the year, I’ll be looking for a co-blogger. But right now, I’m just glad to see my school friends again and start working on projects that interest me and make me more aware of the world in general.

And that’s it for the first Loony’s Musings. I’ll be back next Wednesday to talk about my part-time job, and why it helps with writing!

11 thoughts on “Loony’s Musings (1): Back to School

  1. That is a fabulous book button. And this is a fabulous post. (But, school? Pah. I’m glad I’m done with it. I have this inability to do maths when they mix the alphabet into it. So. not. fair.) Anyway! I’m putting your button on my fav blogs page… *dashes away*

    • Thank you so much!! I’m going to have to do that too 🙂 you and YA Midnight Reads and so many others.

      Thank goodness I’m not doing maths anymore. I think that would just be TOO much.

  2. I’m also in year 11? Haha well junior year as it’s called here. I just finished legal studies, quite enjoyed that course. I can’t wait to see your review about the whole J.K. Rowling mess haha. I definitely have some opinions about that one.

    Nice post ^.^

    • Legal studies has been fun so far! It ties in well with society and culture – I love arguing about ethics and moral decisions.

      Well, check back tomorrow and look out for my thoughts 🙂 there will be lots of GIFs!

  3. Cute blog button 🙂

    And awwwww. Year 11. I’ve heard it’s the worst, because of the dramatic workload increase from year 9, to 10, and then 11. But being a nerd myself, I feel like it’s only the pressure that increases, coming from the fact that everything starts to count. Have fun. I’m glad I’m out.

    Do people in your school really make homemade tasers? :O (That’s a legitimate question. If you were joking about that, well… then it was just a jokey question….)

    • Thanks, Laila!

      Year 11 hasn’t been too bad so far, but I expect the workload will pick up verrrry quickly. I’ve noticed that we have a LOT more texts to read in English.

      And yes, one of my friends really did make a homemade taser. One teacher even let my friend shock her with it!

  4. Great to meet another Aussie blogger! Ahhh, English extension, I remember that subject. I enjoyed it lol! You remind me of my last day of Maths B in high school, I was like YES NO MORE MATHS IN MY LIFE AGAIN! Little did I know, I was wrong lol. Good luck with your senior years!

    • Yay for Aussie bloggers!

      English Ext. is good so far. I mean, we’re reading Lord of the Rings.

      ‘m sure I will need maths at some point – I’m just glad that my next two years will be equation-free 🙂

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