Writing Excerpt Saturday – The Daisy List

Old followers of my blog may remember that I used to have a blog page for all my WIPs. Since I don’t work on some of them anymore, I deleted the pages. Soon I’ll make just one page describing all my works in progress, and you can read all about my crazy imagination.

The novel I’m working on at the moment is a YA contemporary. But I’ve been having a bit of trouble with it, and having trouble finding the time to write.

My expectation:



Hopefully, posting tidbits of my writing every Saturday will 1) encourage me to write more and 2) give you guys some idea of what I write about.

Anyway, The Daisy List is about this girl called Daisy. She finds out that her mum (who is kind of a bitch) has terminal cancer. She and her family move to England, where the mum was born, so that her mum can die in her home country. Meanwhile Daisy finds this list of her mum’s, a kind of “bucket list.” Except it’s called a “daisy list,” after the euphemism “pushing up daisies.” Anyway, Daisy starts to complete the list on her mum’s behalf.

That’s an awful description, but I’ll think of a proper one later. For now, here’s the excerpt:

Daisy’s thinking about her mum, and how she always wears either a Turban Scarf Thingy or a wig.

I’ve learnt to tell her mood by those Turban Scarf Things (hereafter known as TSTs, which is a lot of fun to say, like the word sixths. Try it, future Daisy. I’ll wait). So Mum had two TSTs, and three wigs. Here we go. We’ll start with the wigs.

1)      Roaring 20’s Blonde Bob wig

Mum wore this wig when she was feeling nostalgic. This was generally a good thing, because it meant Mum would feel dreamy for days at a time and grant your every wish. For example, if hypothetically you wanted a Barbie doll for your birthday and you were actually much too old for Barbie dolls, ask for one when the Roaring 20’s Blonde Bob Wig is installed (not that I did this, Future Daisy).

2)      Black Medusa wig

It went down to her waist and was usually paired by thick black eyeliner and black lipstick and wow, Mum must have been an emo in her youth. Maybe “emo” is politically incorrect. I’ll just call her a Sun Deflector, but anyway, with the Black Medusa wig, Mum’s bitchiness was at a high, and teenager-like tantrums were to be expected.

3)      The Office-Ish But Slightly Sexy Wig

This one was a nice brown number, with blonde highlights, just grazing Mum’s chin suggestively. She wore this one while in work mode, and if you interrupted her, bam, “shouting-at-telemarketers” mode.

4)      The red TST

The picture of adoring Mum. She’d make afternoon snacks for us, cook dinner and maybe even comment on how nice you looked. Red Turban Scarf Thingy Mum was my favourite Mum.

5)      The blue TST

Look out. Seriously, RUN. This isn’t a drill. The blue TST turned Mum into some sort of bald Death Eater with nail polish and a side dish of Pissed-Off Pasta. Which was lucky for me on report day, that’s for sure.

So there you have it! That’s from the first chapter of the story.


To all my writing friends: what are you working on at the moment?

9 thoughts on “Writing Excerpt Saturday – The Daisy List

  1. That last GIF? Yes. Yes. *wails in corner of insanity* WHY MUST IT BE LIKE THAT? But, ahem. I like this bit. Actually, I like the whole book so far. 😉

  2. Sounds great. I like the voice you use, though I daren’t go anywhere near that voice for my works. Well, I guess that’s why I don’t write YA contemp!

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