What Happened This Week: Irish Accents and Swimming Carnivals

This week’s been pretty hectic. It was the first full week of school. Okay. Not really, since I had my swimming carnival on Friday. I’m pretty proud of the fact that I didn’t get burnt, actually.


(cookies if you know where this GIF is from)

Here’s what’s happened this week on the blog:

On Monday, I participated in the meme Stacking My Shelves, and showed you all the awesome books I’ve added to my collection lately.

On Tuesday, I participated in the meme Top Ten Tuesday, posting my list of The Top Ten Books That Will Make You Cry.

On Wednesday I started a new type of post, Loony’s Musings, and talked about school, as well as my new blog button.

On Thursday I posted my thoughts on the recent bombshell in the Harry Potter community, and what I think about how JKR regrets a certain relationship within the books.

On Friday, I shared my top tips for teen writers, although they’re applicable to everyone, really.

And on Saturday, I shared an excerpt of my WIP, The Daisy List.

What I’m reading at the moment:

hp 5 

(pretty big series-type books, hey? A nice break from contemporary, I must admit)

What I’m writing:

The Daisy List, chapter eleven – 17k through the second draft (there are going to be a lot of chapters in this book)

GIF of the week:


Best part of school this week:

Starting Irish drama. Which means we get to do Irish accents. I’m terrible at it right now, but Australian accents don’t really lend themselves to the whole lilting beautiful thing. But it’s a lot of fun to try.

Other updates:

You can now follow me on on Bloglovin’! Exciting, right? The link is on the sidebar. You can also get my blog button – if you’d like to swap buttons with me, just let me know.

So, blogglings, what’s happening with you? How’s this week been?

8 thoughts on “What Happened This Week: Irish Accents and Swimming Carnivals

    • I’ve been reading HP on and off since late last year – what with all the other books on my TBR I can’t read them all at once!

      And I’m keen to hear your thoughts on my thoughts 😛

  1. Oooh, good luck with those two books! I couldn’t, just couldn’t get into LOTR. I feel bad, since I like write lots of fantasy, but my brain fried after the prologue (which was super interesting, but I think that’s because it involved food). I’m up to like HP 4. Which is huge. So I’m procrastinating that as well. 😉 That is totally the best book perhaps ever.

    • It took me a few goes to get into LotR – and The Hobbit as well. Once you get through the first bit, it DOES get better. It was one of those things that was on my Reading Bucket List for a while, and I’m glad I can cross it off. Even if you don’t get into LotR, definitely read Harry Potter 🙂

    • Tumblr has a great selection of Harry Potter gifs, lol. Irish accents are fun, definitely – I’ve been careful not to expose my awful accent to everyone else, but in class it’s good.

      Thanks, Mel!

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