Top Ten Things About Being a Teen Writer

Recently I updated my blog to include a page on my writing. Come and check it out!

There’s one thing in common with all those ongoing projects: all of them have been written, or thought of, in my teens. And even though there are disadvantages to being a teen author (like people not taking you seriously) there are many advantages as well:

1) It’s always good to start early

And by this I don’t mean mornings. Here’s my opinion of mornings:


If you like writing in the morning, though, more power to you. What I’m saying is that we have SO many years to perfect our craft, us teen writers – starting early is always going to be an advantage.

2) We’re experiencing it right now

Most of you, I’m guessing, write YA or MG. And because we’re teens, we don’t have to think back – we have everything accessible to us! We talk to other teens every day, and even if nothing we write as teens gets published, we can read it back and go, yeah, that’s what it was like.

3) It’s a really cheap hobby

You don’t have to pay to write stories, unlike sports or video-gaming (reading, however, is another matter entirely). Except emotionally when you have NO CHOICE but to kill a character but you love that character so much but…

ahem. Carrying on.


4) Things that happen to you get absorbed into your novels

For example, the Irish accents I’m doing at school (have I said it enough yet? When people get sick of it I’ll take it as a divine sign to stop). Bits and pieces from your teen life will make it into your writing, and enrich it as a result.

5) No pressure!

Most of you aren’t writing as a profession yet, so you can have a bit of a partay with it.

Dancing GIFS

(I love minions)

6) It uses valuable maths time

Except not anymore, since I dropped maths. But seriously, if you don’t like a class, daydreaming about stories is a great way to get out of it.

7) It helps in classes you actually like!

For example, English. And drama. And legal studies. And society and culture. And religion. And music.

Geez, it helps with all my subjects.

High Five GIFS

Go writing! I mean, seriously, writing is useful for so many things. And creative writing helps with problem solving skills, and builds dedication, and requires a LOT of work. I’ve learnt so much as a writer that helps me with other aspects of life.

8) You get to meet awesome online people

For example, my critique partner Cait *waves to Cait* I wouldn’t have met so many amazing people if not for being a writer, and as a teen, I think it’s even easier to form these sorts of friendships.

9) You can use GIFs without people getting all snooty

I don’t even need to explain this one.

And finally…

10) Voice!

This follows on a bit from one of my previous points, but your voice, even if it’s just finding itself, is going to be an authentic teen voice, because you ARE a teen.

So congrats, teen writers, on being awesome. Whatever anyone says, teens CAN be good writers. It just takes hard work and lots of gifs.


13 thoughts on “Top Ten Things About Being a Teen Writer

  1. Another fantastic post šŸ™‚ The Castiel gif made me feel all of the feels. It also reminded me that I need the next Supernatural pronto. Anyway, I’m not really a serious writer but I do tend to write in my free time. I’m also in a creative writing class at my school. I think this post summed up some great things about writing. Writing has definitely helped me with English, Legal Studies and even Social Studies. Haha, it’s a beneficial hobby. I do have a free period this semester, so I do think that’ll be the perfect time to do some writing šŸ™‚

    I’ve been meaning to mention this, but I completely adore your blog design. Haha, I admit to scrolling up and down to see the worm move šŸ˜› Really, the whole under the sea theme is amazing and definitely appeals to my love of the ocean.

    • Thanks, Larissa! I don’t actually watch Supernatural (yet) but my Tumblr dash is always full of it.

      I think “free-time writers” are a really underestimated species. Good on you! I have so much less time to write now…oops, better get onto that.

      WordPress has awesome blog themes šŸ™‚ this one really appealed to me, so I restructured my blog and here we are!

  2. Yes! Another awesome gif lover! And may I say, the gifs you choose are HILARIOUS XD
    Your top ten things about being a teen writer post was EPIC! More posts like this, please šŸ™‚

    New follower!

    • I LOVE GIFs. That one at the end is probably going to be the GIF of the week because…well, eyebrows.

      Thanks, Jamie! I’m thinking about doing a weekly feature for teen writers, so stay tuned šŸ˜›

      *squishes you* welcome to The Loony Teen Writer. We have lots of fun here! šŸ™‚

  3. This a very good post, and I agree with most of your points. I started writing as a pre-teen myself, and it has helped me polish my skills along the years. I don’t think I would’ve been as good as a writer if it weren’t for that.

    Also, while it’s true that it’s not an expensive hobby, it comes accompanied with a love for reading… which can be a bit costly!

    • Starting early is definitely a HUGE advantage – my humble beginnings were in copying out my favourite book at age 5 and trying to tell people I’d written it šŸ˜›

      The thing about reading is true – my earnings can’t keep up with my love of books!

      Thanks for commenting šŸ˜€

  4. *waves frantically* OH HI. ALSO BRILLIANT USE OF GIFS. I’m dying at the last one. XD But yes! I totally agree with all of these. Yes, yes. Except, I keep forgetting I’m not a teen anymore…but whatever. I haven’t forgotten my weird teenager-ish way of thinking. Also…um, *coughs* I write in the morning. >_< For my last book, I wrote 1 hour before breakfast. I know. That's insane. I promised myself never to do it again.

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  6. That’s so true!! I went through something once, where this guy was not the best to me and in one of my stories his character ended up getting tackled….. It was awesome, to be totally honest šŸ™‚

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