Write Life Saturdays: Top Ten Ways To Find Inspiration

There are SO many places people find inspiration. I’m not one for dreams myself. Instead, these are the places that I draw inspiration from:

1) Tumblr

Tumblr is amazing. I’ve learnt so much from it, and it also has some really amazing artists and writers. Here’s one picture I found on Tumblr that I thought was fantastic:

dorothy and aliceAlso, you know, Tumblr has gifs.

2) Basically the internet in general

I spend a LOT of time on the internet. And I tend to stumble across awesome things fairly often.

3) School

Seriously. The people around me at school, the things I learn in class, the teachers I have…all of them are so influential to my writing. For instance, the other day in English I wrote this, which I kind of like:

The Yellow Brick Road to Wonderland crumbled as the wind whipped through the teacup trees. Alice’s yellow hair flew in front of her face just as Toto started barking; just as the White Rabbit’s waistcoat disappeared. There was nothing to be done. This time Dorothy couldn’t click her heels to return home. Memories rushed between them as they grasped each other’s hands, petrified into stillness as their shared world collapsed around them. The teacups came loose from the trees, shattering on the Yellow Brick Road, which even now was rolling into itself. The Cheshire Cat grinned and left his ghostly smile as the Wicked Witch of the West cackled. 

But that was before. 

As you may be able to guess, that was inspired from the above picture. The Alice and Dorothy one, not glorious internet dude.

4) Work

I’ve talked recently about why part-time jobs rock, but basically: eavesdropping rules. And it’s a different environment, which means different ideas.

5) Songs

Do you ever listen to a song and you’re like, DUDE, I am feeling all the feels from this song???

I do. Sometimes when we’re listening to the radio in the car, I look out the window and pretend I’m in this really profound music video. It’s great fun, and sometimes the emotions in songs really bring out the writer in me.


6) True stories

I’m a big fan of true stories. There are awful stories and beautiful stories, and it always astounds me how terrible and amazing our world is. After all, truth is stranger than fiction.

7) Writing dares on the NaNoWriMo site

You can find some of them here. Lots of them are really great, and helped me during NaNoWriMo both in 2012 and 2013.

8) Photos/Art

For example, the first picture in this blog post. Also one like this:

little mermaid

Art and music both evoke images that words often can’t.

9) Repetitive tasks

When I’m hanging out washing, or unstacking the dishwasher, or cooking dinner, often I get my best ideas. Why? Because the repetitive nature of these things means that my mind is free to wander. And usually, it’s wandering in the direction of an awesome plot bunny.

Erdal Inci 03

(I may have become sidetracked by this gif as I was trying to write this post. It’s great, yeah? It’s by Turkish artist Erdal Inci if you were wondering. Probably not)

10) Books!

Of course! Where would us writers be without books? Whether it’s inspiration for an idea of your own, or simply inspiration to write at all, books are unparalleled. Old fairytales provide a great basis for a story. Newer ideas can provide a new thought or take on something. And we love them for it. Don’t we? Oh, and side note, this gif is from Harry Potter. And this wizard dude is not only using magic without a wand, he’s also READING A STEPHEN HAWKING BOOK. How awesome is that?


How about you? Where do you find ideas? 

11 thoughts on “Write Life Saturdays: Top Ten Ways To Find Inspiration

  1. Okay: first of all, all the GIFs in this post rocked. You have the BEST gif collection ever. Okay. That’s said. Inspiration? Eh…I get mine from watching really, really good movies. Mostly my books aren’t related to what I’ve seen, but something sparked it. OH, and also good books! Like Splintered inspired me to write two billion news stories. (Not about Alice in Wonderland, just…stories.) OH OH and walking and dishes gives me ideas. But the unfailing idea generator is when I’m exhausted and fall into bed late. BOOM. Fifty ideas I must write down or forget forever. -_- Thanks, brain, I owe you one.

    • Thanks, Cait! Tumblr is awesome for finding GIFs 🙂

      I completely forgot to put movies on this list. Silly me! They’re really great for inspiration.

      You know I’m going to have to find Splintered, like, ASAP now right?

      Walking, yes! I walk to work so it gives me heaps of time to think. Haha, I know what you mean about getting ideas once you’re almost asleep – our brains are pretty inconsiderate with that 😛

  2. Tumblr is a great place to go for inspiration, I adore it and have spent many hours on it 🙂 I love that picture of Alice and Dorothy! It’s really inspirational, I’m have an idea for a creative writing story from it. I also find art to be quite inspirational, love that picture of Ariel. Haha, you need to share where you’re finding these inspirational pictures of fairy tale girls from. Books are also a HUGE inspiration for me, even with the ones I dislike. Especially with the ones I dislike, actually. I can find way to improve the ones I’ve disliked and spin them into a whole new story. Sadly, music doesn’t inspire me for some odd reason. In creative writing we often do exercises involving music and I can never seem to write anything of quality for them.

    Loved this post, as for me finding inspiration is the hardest part of writing.

    • Argh, silly WordPress deleted my comment.

      But basically, yeah, art is awesome for inspiration! I found both those pictures on Tumblr, of course 🙂

      I totally agree with you about books I dislike. It just makes me want to write more, and better. Sometimes I’m disappointed because a really good idea fell flat, in which case I want to write something with that idea!

      Music is often the same with me. It’s not often that I get ideas from it, and even when I do, they’re not story ideas – they’re just emotions that help me with particular scenes…tension and depth and all that jazz.

      Nice as always to see you stop by 😀

  3. OMG, these are the best gifs I have seen for ages, and so distracting I could so easily forget why I came here.
    Why am I here?
    I’ll go round the stairs again and see if I can-
    Oh, that’s it – YOU’VE WON Kaz Delaney’s book Almost Dead, thanks to your fun comments on my blog.
    Please email me your details to author@ebonymckenna.com and I’ll get things happening for you.

  4. I just joined wordpress, this is one of the first blogs I followed! This is really awesome, I’d love to know what blogs you follow on tumblr because the Ariel picture is currently sitting on my desktop just dying to be written about. Anyway, the inspiration from the Ariel picture was just what I needed tonight, so thanks!

    • Hey Kayley! I’m honoured this is one of the first blogs you followed 😀

      The Ariel picture is great (if a little morbid!) so I’m glad it helped you. As for what blogs I follow…goodness, I have no idea. I follow a few and it’s like a chain reaction of awesome.

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  5. I absolutely agree with everything you listed! School’s definitely an inspiration for me as well, especially my Philosophy and Biology classes 🙂 There’s one more thing I’d like to add: horseback riding! I always get my best ideas when I’m doing that, haha.

    Great list!

    • Hey Celine! I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds inspiration through school 🙂 we don’t have philosophy, but I can imagine it would be a fantastic way to get ideas.

      I’d like to add horseback riding too – if only there were any horses around! Sounds like fun.

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