What Happened This Week: Odd Socks, Long Legs and Top Tens

I realise this is a confusing title for a blog post. Bear with me. Here are the things that have happened this week:

1) I got a uniform detention for wearing a pink sock

We have to wear white socks. But I regret nothing. (also odd socks are cool)

2) We did some awesome things with curtains at school dance


Embedded image permalink

Yep. I have really long legs.

3) This week was Top Ten Week at The Loony Teen Writer

All through this week, I posted lists of top tens (or fives, in some cases!). Here’s what I wrote about:

Monday: my top ten pet peeves in YA fiction (featuring insta-love, stereotyping and more!)

Tuesday: Top Ten Tuesday, and I talked about the top 10 books that will make you swoon

Wednesday: Wednesday is Loony’s Musings, and this week it was about why part-time jobs are awesome

Thursday: Emily’s grammar masterclass! The top 10 grammar mistakes I see the most

Friday: I posted the top ten things about been a teen writer (there are lots!)

Saturday: Write Life Saturday (new title for this feature), in which I told you guys my top ten places to find inspiration

This week I also made a new page on the blog, where you can read all about my current writing projects! 

What I’m reading at the moment: 


 Yes, still! I haven’t got much further with it, considering I just finished The Fellowship of the Ring (phew!). At the bottom of this post is a poll for you to choose what I read next 🙂

What I’m writing: 

The Daisy List, 20,000 words into it

The Goldfish Shower, a short story about talking fish and floating dining tables

GIF of the week: 


Best part of school this week: 

Getting an awesome Shiny New Idea in legal studies.

Most interesting thing that happened: 

My boss’s daughter setting a packet of Tim Tams on fire

So tell me, blogglings…

I hope you’ve all had a fantastic week!

Yours loonily,


10 thoughts on “What Happened This Week: Odd Socks, Long Legs and Top Tens

  1. I’ve really enjoyed this week’s top ten theme. It came with a lot of hilarious gifs.

    You get detention for not wearing white socks? Lame. Haha (:

    As for which book you should read next, both The Distance Between Us and If I stay are amazing. I also quite enjoyed Fangirl. Never read the other options.

    • I’m glad you liked it! I had a lot of fun too 🙂

      I did get detention. Although I’m buddies with the teacher in charge, so he let me off after a few minutes 😉

      I’ve heard a lot about both The Distance Between Us and If I Stay – found them at my school library. But I’m going to read all of them eventually, so it doesn’t worry me which order I read them in 🙂

  2. This is simply the best title I’ve read. Just brilliant! Those curtain photos are too funny, I had to hide in wheeley bins when I was at school for entertainment, making people wheel me from class to class.

    Thank god I grew out of it, probably would have ended up as a garbo. Phew.

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