Review: The Fellowship of the Ring (my precioussss)

ImageI’ve read The Lord of the Rings once before. The trilogy took me a school term to read. Granted, that was with a bit of stopping and starting, but this time I read the first book in less than two weeks. Pretty proud of that, since I was reading another book as well 🙂

Anyway, bragging aside, The Fellowship of the Ring is one of those books that you just HAVE to read. Yes, it’s a slow read. Yes, it can get boring in some places. But the extend of Tolkien’s world is unparalleled, and even though I don’t read much fantasy, I adore this series.

Also the movies!

Also Sam! Sam is amazing. Look at him here:

This is a hobbit who has followed Frodo through EVERYTHING. He’s loyal, and sweet, and funny, and a great character.

Also he loves taters. Nuff said.

And who could forget Gandalf?


(I’ll stop now. Promise)

Okay, so the world of Middle-Earth is incredible. The characters are incredible. There are elves and orcs and dwarves and hobbits and men and Ringwraiths. So much is happening, and it’s a great way to escape for a while.

What I also love is that it’s a book you can read a million times over and still discover new things. So I’ve read it twice now, and on the second reading it’s even more apparent to me how masterful the writing is. I skim read a lot, but this time I tried to take in the description more – it was a good choice!

The history is another great aspect of the trilogy. There’s such a depth to the story that suspension of disbelief is so easy – it feels real! Tolkien has invested so much time in his world that it’s impossible to second-guess it. There are so many details: the languages, the hair on the hobbits’ feet, The Mines of Moria and Rivendell and Lorien…they’re so easy to picture.

Really the only problem with it is that it’s so bloody long. We’re in a different era to Tolkien – our generation loves instant gratification, and The Fellowship of the Ring rewards only with close reading and lots of really small writing. I first read the series in eighth grade, and seriously – I needed a break from reading, of all things! It’s an exhausting tale, but I for one would read it again.

Rating: Five Wonderkitties


What about you? Have you read this monstrosity of fantasy? 


9 thoughts on “Review: The Fellowship of the Ring (my precioussss)

  1. I have definitely read this book. Like you, I can appreciate the writing but it just. too. long. And so descriptive! I skimmed a lot. And this may be the one case where I say this, but I liked the movie more than the book.

  2. Ah I reread LOTR again this year as well, after not being able to get through the second one in middle school. I loooved them. The last book is great, especially the ending. I’m so glad I read them again, because I went from thinking they were boring and long to appreciating them fully!

  3. I want that Gandalf gif on everything I own. Everything! Sheer class.

    Oh, and yes. I’ve read ‘Fellowship’ several times. I read the whole LOTR trilogy at 12, and then I read ‘The Hobbit’, and I’ve read them about four times, total. I’ve tried (again and again) to read ‘The Silmarillion’, but I’ve never managed it. If you ever get through it, let me know how it ends, won’t you?

    • It’s a great GIF, isn’t it? I quite like it.

      What a great effort, though! All of them when you were twelve is fantastic 😀 I’ve never read The Silmarillion either – it’s in my mum’s bookshelf but it has reeeeeeally small words and I don’t think I’m quite game to try it just yet D:

      • Let me just say – I studied medieval literature at university (thank you, Tolkien!), and I read loads of medieval chronicles, which are generally quite tedious. ‘In 832, there was a famine. Many died. In 833, the abbot went to his eternal reward. In 834, a comet was seen in the sky, portending doom,’ and so on for literally millions of pages. (All right – not *literally*.)

        Anyway, from what I remember, The Silmarillion is a bit like that. And I am a person who is used to reading tedious lists of stuff happening, and I couldn’t finish it. So – be warned.

        I have a strange desire to revisit it, all the same…

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