Why I Love Re-Reading

(read: me and books I love)

Last year, I read 104 books. Of those books, 19 were re-reads (in fact I read The Fault in Our Stars twice last year).

Why do I do this? I have so many new books that I could be reading, so many more amazing books to fall in love with. But I will always return to the books I love: Harry Potter and The Fault in Our Stars and so many other books that I will always love.

Mostly to justify it to myself, here are the reasons I re-read books:

1)      I already know they’re good

This is probably just laziness on my part, because it means I don’t have to spend long amounts of time struggling on a book I hate. I already love these books (mostly), so I can just focus on enjoying them again.

(basically, my love for Harry Potter)

2)      They’re so popular I feel like I missed something the first time

For example, I didn’t really like The Perks of Being a Wallflower the first time I read it. But since it was so popular, I decided to give it another go, and loved it.

3)      I’ve forgotten most of what they’re about

I’ve read Harry Potter so many times I’ll never forget a single sub-plot, but for other books, like The Solitaire Mystery, I remember loving them but not much else. I don’t want to read too many of my childhood favourites for fear that I won’t like them anymore, but this one I really had to read again.

4)      I’m sad and I want something familiar

Reading always makes me happy. Reading Harry Potter makes me even more happy, because they are characters I’ve been around almost my whole life. The familiarity is so relaxing.


5)      There’s a new book coming out in the series

I read Anna and the French Kiss again this year, because Isla is coming out this year. If I’m a big foggy on what’s happened so far in the series, I’ll read it again just to refresh.

I guess some people think it’s a waste of time to re-read books when there are so many NEW books being published (and believe me, I know. My physical TBR pile is about forty books, and that’s not including ones I want to add to it!). But I NEVER want reading to become a chore. I want it to be something I enjoy, something that doesn’t become work.

For all these reasons, then, I love re-reading books. What about you? Do you re-read books often? Why or why not?

30 thoughts on “Why I Love Re-Reading

  1. I used to re-read a lot more than I do now, and for all the same reasons as you. These days when I re-read, it’s for comfort only. For example, when I went into hospital a few years back for some surgery, I took an old favourite with me. Because hospital is the last place you want to be with something that turned out to be crap! 😉

  2. Re-reading is definitely a thing I tend to do quite a lot. I’ve read Harry Potter soooooo many times haha, I got lines memorized and such. Like you said though, it’s totally a comfort thing. If I’m ever feeling anxious or scared, I read Harry Potter(:

    Wonderful post!

  3. Well…I have to confess, I don’t really reread. I don’t have TIME mostly. The only things I’ve reread for years has been Divergent/Insurgent (in preparation for Allegiant), because I absolutely did not “get” the plot the first time. I was just swooning over the characters and forgot that I didn’t understand what they were shooting at. Oops. I’d like to reread THG at some point, but anything else? Eh. I’d rather read something new. 😉

    • And I totally understand that! I have a feeling I’ll have basically no time for rereading this year (except maybe The Fault in Our Stars because…well, just because). There are so many new books coming all the time that I almost feel guilty going back to the tried and true ones!

  4. Sorry – I’ve been stuck on that Benedict Cumberbatch gif for… quite some time, now.

    Anyway. Rereading. Yes. I do it all the time. There are two books I still reread at least once a year – ‘The Little Prince’ and ‘Elidor’, because they are my joint all-time favourites – and I have read the Harry Potters plenty of times each. I reread Jeanette Winterson a lot because she’s an artist with words and every time I read her work I learn something (not in a boring way, just in a ‘wow, look. So *that’s* what language can do, if you use it right’ sort of way), and – it has to be admitted – at my time of life you do start forgetting stuff. So I also reread books because I’ve forgotten what they’re about, and that’s like getting a new book for free. Win-win. 🙂

  5. I don’t re-read books much, despite every intention to. I am THAT reader who is always chasing the newest and latest, so when it comes to reading a book on my TBR, or a book I have read before, the new one wins every time. I can totally understand the comforts of an old and familiar one though.

  6. Well said, girl! I need read the Percy Jackson books again because I know that they’re fabulous and it’s so fun going into a book that you’re really familiar with.

    Lovely post! <33

  7. I never grew tired of reading Harry Potter series too. Ten years has passed already since the first time I read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

    When I read a book twice and I still enjoy it, it means it deserves to be in my favorite list. I have a few re-reads last year but not all of them I enjoyed reading twice. I have this one book which I have rated 5 when I first read it but when I read it again because the next book is coming out, I found myself not liking it anymore.

    I also read a book again when I can’t get over the story. It was like, I don’t want to read any other story as of the moment except for that. I did felt that when I read Finnikin of the Rock.

    I’m sad and I want something familiar – so true and guess what, Harry Potter is my comfort zone too. haha. I have lots of unread book in my shelf but when I’m not in the mood, I go to Harry Potter – any book in that series..

    • Goodness, almost ten years have passed for me too! That’s a scary thought. I think with the amount of time I have now (not much), re-read books are usually my favourite. But it totally makes sense that you wouldn’t like a book a second time, especially if it’s been a long time since you read it – tastes change, after all.

      Harry Potter is my default also 🙂

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  9. Emily, you’re such a fantastic booky blogger. I was once told I should try doing it (ayyyges ago), but for the life of me, I didn’t know how I could make each post unique and fun and interesting and always related to books. But you do. And you’re so good.
    (That was just a random thought)
    Anyhow, for the umpteenth time, I agree with you. I’ve just embarked on re-reading TFiOS, and have fallen in love with it all over again, and in fact, I made a decision to go through and re-read a whole bunch of books on my bookshelf. Why buy if you only read once, you know? (Well, that’s me, anyway, I know people do often buy on a whim, but because I was unemployed for 95% of my life, I had to be strict with money and book buying 😛 ) Great post, as usual.

    • Thanks, Laila! That really does mean a lot 😛

      Normally I buy books that I know I will like – books I’ve already read and want to have, or authors I love, or books that Twitter recommends to me (because Twitter is awesome like that). And that way, all the books on my shelves are ones I would read again 🙂

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