Top Ten Tuesday REWIND: Books From My Childhood

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I’ve been waiting for this Top Ten Tuesday for a while now. I can’t wait to share my favourite childhood books with you!


1) Harry Potter

I’m convinced I can’t have a Top Ten list without including Harry Potter. I mean, it practically shaped my life as a writer, so I’m never going to under-estimate it’s worth in my life.

2) Ruby Rosemount

I loved these books as a kid! They’re about genies and it has a really interesting setting (Middle-East somewhere…maybe Egypt, but I can’t remember). Also Ruby has a great grandma.

3) The Divide

A world where science is myth and magic is real? YES PLEASE. Also, the main character is disabled and I didn’t even notice the first time I read it. See? Diversity is important!


4) Children of the Lamp

Genies again, woo! I obviously had a thing for them. Their adventures start when the times Philippa and John have their wisdom teeth out at an early age. Then they go on this awesome trip with their Uncle Nimrod.

5) The Fire Within

I loved the first first books in this series – I have great memories of reading them in the car to my grandparents’ house. I even enjoy them now, even if the last few books suck.

6) Eragon

My mum convinced me to read these in like…year 3? Or 4? Anyway, I still love them now because they’re excellent.


7) His Dark Materials

Even now, this remains one of my favourite series’. I probably didn’t understand it all that well when I was younger, but I loved it even then.

8) The Famous Five

Enid Blyton, woo! I devoured these books, just as I loved the next ones…

9) Trixie Belden

These were books from my mum’s childhood as well. She told me to read them and I did because there was nothing else to read. They are so much better than Nancy Drew, just saying.


10) Ingo by Helen Dunmore

Mermaids! Well, they’re not mermaids, they’re Mer, technically, and this is still the best book about them I’ve ever read. It’s creepy in some places, and I just…I just love it, okay? Sorry the picture’s a bit small – I couldn’t make it bigger for some reason.

So there we are! Those are the top ten books from my childhood. I had a much more diverse taste when I was younger. Mostly fantasy, still, but I didn’t really care what I read. Now I want to go back and read these all again!

Do you share any favourites with me? Has anyone read these at all??

18 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday REWIND: Books From My Childhood

  1. Harry Potter really does a deserve a spot in every top ten imaginable (: Alike you it really did have an huge impact on me. His Dark Materials was also amazing, I really do need to re-read them as I don’t really recall them that well. I did read a few Trixie Belden books, but I must admit to reading a lot more Nancy Drew books lol. INGO <33 Ever since reading that I want to find another mermaid book that matches its awesomeness however I haven't found one yet.

    Great post! (:

    • Harry Potter > everything (if I’m using that symbol the wrong way it’s because I don’t do maths anymore – please forgive me).

      I will fight you on Trixie Belden vs. Nancy Drew though (except I have to admit Nancy Drew computer games are pretty awesome).

      INGO. YES. SOMEONE ELSE WHO’S READ IT. I love them so much 🙂 and now I endeavour to write a mermaid book.

      Thanks, Larissa! 🙂

  2. Aw, such fond memories. I liked Trixie Belden! I never got into Nancy Drew. All my friends were WILD about her, but I just watched the movie and didn’t tell them (just so I could nod along intelligently. I was 12 and such a little liar). I never really got into Eragon, and then I watched the movie and it was…bad. >_< I DID like Brom though! He reminds me of Halt.

    • Trixie Belden is great! And as for Eragon…I feel like if I started reading now, I wouldn’t like them. But I’ve read all these books since I was little, which means they seem better than they actually are, if that makes sense? But yeah, the movie was shite.

  3. Ahhh. Enid Blyton’s books are so wonderful. I also did childhood favourites this week. I completely forgot to add Harry Potter though. Fail! Great list!

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