What Happened This Month: February Reflections

This GIF is congratulating me for posting every day during February. Shucks, guys. I’d like to thank my cats for supporting me through this turbulent time and…

Okay I’ll stop now. But February has been a big change for me in terms of blogging. I’ve made some more blogging friends, posted every day of the month (whew!) and taken myself more seriously as a blogger. Even if I do post a lot of gifs. They’re very serious, professional gifs, okay? No they’re not, Emily. You’re insane..

Books I’ve reviewed during February, in reverse order (click on the picture to go to the review): 


During March, I plan to review more books.

What I’m reading at the moment: 



Favourite February Fictions:

this song will save your lifebird crystal chanthe distance between us


These three books were amazing and you need to read them. Reviews coming soon!

Not-so-favourite February Fictions: 

frankie 2


Only one, yay! I’ve liked pretty much all of the books I’ve read during February, thanks to great Twitter suggestions of what I read next.

February in review: 

I haven’t written as much as I would have liked to during February. However, I did start working on Mutual Weirdness again – I’m hoping to tidy it up a bit and send out a few more queries. Right now I’m a third of the way through The Daisy List (about 26,000 words) and have written a couple of other short stories. Also there’s been this crazy tug at my writerly heart to do a retelling of Alice in Wonderland. Maybe once I’ve finished what I’m working on!

I read 8 books during February. That’s about 2 a week, and considering The Fellowship of the Ring took me a while, I’m pretty happy with that. My goal for this year is 100 and I’m already a quarter of the way through, yay!

Reading goals for March: 

– Finish at least 8 books (I would say more but my half-yearly exams are coming up soon!)

– Review at least five books

– Read some more MG

Writing goals for March: 

– Get to 40,000 words on The Daisy List

– Send some queries out for Mutual Weirdness

GIF of the month: 


This was GIF of the week a while back for a reason. And now it’s GIF of the month, hurrah! Congratulations, El Dorado 🙂



That’s all about February for you. Isn’t it weird that we’re already in March? I love March because it’s the start of autumn (well, for us Aussies anyway). Plus the very title is very motivational and…I can’t stop looking at that GIF, it’s mesmerising.

What have you accomplished during February? What are your goals for March?


15 thoughts on “What Happened This Month: February Reflections

  1. GIFs do have that sight drawback of being mesmerising. I end up just watching them play as I write my posts and then I realise I’m not actually being very productive. WEIRD. Leeet me see. Yep. February was a great month for me, in that I read a bunch of books and wrote 1 (crappy) book, and did some beta reading, and that I blogged pretty wildly. AND BLOGGING FRIENDS ARE FABULOUS.

    • You feel me, then. It’s a hard life being a giffing blogger (gifing?). Tumblr has ruined me.

      You DID read a bunch of books. Incredible job 🙂 plus your crazy 35k-in-four-days – NaNoWriMo must be a breeze for you 😛 congrats! BLOGGING FRIENDS ARE INDEED FABULOUS. Especially Australian ones, of course!

  2. You’ve accomplished a lot this month! Congrats. Good luck with next month’s goals. AND YES, March is amazing. (Though I may be slightly bias because my birthday in in March.) Goodbye heat, hello cool weather.

    I actually added a ‘weekly wrap up’ thingy for my blog, but I think I’ll find I’ll want to change it to a monthly thing, because really I’m not that interesting heh.

    On an entirely random note: at a risk of sounding like a crazy stalker chick, I really love your blog.

    • Thanks, Kara! I’m glad you enjoy my blog 🙂

      Usually in my weekly wrap-ups (I’ve only done four so far, but it’s working well) I just link to all my posts for that week and talk about the books I’ve been reading. And people usually vote on what book I should read next. Also I decide the GIF of the week 😛 now that I think of it, that sounds like a lot, but it seems more than it really is if you add pictures/gifs!!

  3. February was a pretty great month! It just flew by (: You seemed to have read some really quality books too. I’m glad you’re going to be more reviews, I love reading yours.Ooo, I love Alice in Wonderland c: Haha that picture you posted awhile back actually did inspire me for a story in Creative Writing! Wonderland is just such an interesting place to write about, it’s too intoxicating.

    Can’t wait to see more from this blog in March(: So glad I have discovered it and you <33

    • It did, didn’t it? 28 days isn’t enough! Thanks, Larissa, I love writing book reviews, and now that I’ve written a few in advance it will be easier.

      I love Alice in Wonderland too! It’s such a great, quirky story. I’m glad you liked the picture, I loved it as well 🙂

      Thanks so much!! I love seeing and reading your comments, absolutely makes my day. I’m glad you’re a co-blogger at YA Midnight Reads 🙂

  4. WOW you are totally amazing for blogging every single day in Feb, that is amazing Emily! I’m glad you’re really enjoying it at the moment and I’m enjoying your posts, just make sure you don’t burn yourself out. Good luck with your writing goals! I love This Song and Bird too, and I hope you’re enjoying Ophelia. Can’t wait to see what you think!

    • Thanks, Jeann! Hopefully I don’t burn myself out. If I start getting overwhelmed, I’ll probably get a co-blogger, but right now I’m pretty happy 🙂

      Unfortunately I didn’t like Ophelia as much as I thought I would 😦 but hey, there’s got to be a few books like that, right? Such a shame because I love Karen Foxlee’s other books.

  5. EEEEEEEEE! I TOLD YOU SO. I KNEW IT THAT YOU’D LOOOOVE BIRD. I am excite for your review 😀 I really need to read Distance Between Us soon–her books are absolutely brilliant.

    Feb went by real quick, didn’t it? I can’t believe we’re in March already.

    Awesome recap, Emily! <33


      Definitely read Distance Between Us. My review goes up……………………………tomorrow. I think (hard to remember when you’re scheduling stuff!). Feb definitely went by quickly! In fact this year is speeding past. Before I know it I’ll be an adult :O

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