What Happened This Week: British relatives

Not much of note happened this week. I did get my most views ever on the day I posted my review on Cinder. Also this whole thing with some Youtubers has happened, and the whole community is kind of like whaaaaaaaaaaa. And yeah, some of my relatives came over from England. They say weird words like “minging” and “motor” (which is a car). They’re a lot of fun.



Sass. Master.

My posts this week: 

On Monday I reviewed The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks (and didn’t really like it)

Tuesday was Top Ten Tuesday, and I talked about my top ten favourite contemporary YA books of all time

For Loony’s Musings on Wednesday, I told you guys why I don’t take notes while I read, a post which included penguins and Finding Nemo

I also posted about Katie Teller’s new book as part of a blog tour (two posts in one day, woah!)

Thursday was the day I reviewed Cinder by Marissa Meyer (LOVED. IT).

Then on Friday I posted mini-reviews of Spellcaster and Steadfast by Claudia Gray (if you like really unique witchiness, read them!)

Saturday was Write Life Saturday as usual, where I asked you guys how long it takes you to write a first draft (IMPRESSED, blogglings. IMPRESSED).

Books read this week: 


My review of Splintered will be posted on Monday. Such an incredible book!

Currently Reading: 


Thanks to HarperTeen Australia for the first one! The second is for school. I’ve read it before but I really like it this time. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a picture of the edition I’ve got, though 😦

What I’m reading next: 

(that’s right, blogglings. I’m deciding next! Not that you have bad taste in books. In fact, you have excellent taste and I salute you).


How exciting, right? Can’t wait to read it.

What exciting things have happened with you this week, blogglings? I know that YA Midnight Reads has had a super-duper awesome redesign (and you should go check it out if you haven’t already!). What else is happening?

15 thoughts on “What Happened This Week: British relatives

  1. Gah, so jealous of you reading On the Fence already! I’m glad you enjoyed Cinder, one of my local libraries has it, so I’m going to try and get to the series in a month or two, so that’s exciting. You’re on a roll. I understand your feelings on relatives, I can honestly say we are all that weird in England, motor is less common, and mingin’ is more slang and used closer to where I live. Sounds like your week was fun, enjoy On the Fence hun 😀

    • It’s already great and I’ve only read a few chapters! EEEE. Going to have to buy her other books, I think. You should read Cinder, especially if your library has it! And yeah, you Brits are weird. Maybe my lot are just old-fashioned with “motor.” Happy reading to you!

    • Yes, I wouldn’t dare to say ‘mingin,’ simply because it wouldn’t fit with my accent or upbringing. *shudders* 😛 Not sure about ‘motor’ myself. I can’t say I’ve use it in many occasions, though I must have said it once or twice. Certainly, it’s not a universal English word.

  2. Ooh, English relatives? That sounds exciting. 🙂 I’m pretty sure Hades is the king of sass. The dead king? The…er, okay whatever. Also: SPLINTERED. I am in love.

  3. YAY I know I’ve said this before but I am super excited you are delving into the rest of the Lunar Chronicles! I hope you are enjoying On The Fence, I’ve heard that it is awesome. Haha that is super cute about your British rellies lol!

    • So am I! Scarlet is actually due back tomorrow, but let’s just say I have an ARRANGEMENT with my school library in which they don’t mind 😛 My British rellies are fantastic. I feel almost crude in comparison with my Aussie humour 😛

      On the Fence is amazing even from the first five chapters. Basically I’m going to go on a Kasie West book-buying binge, because I think I have to OWN them all.

  4. Aw thank you for the shoutout, Emily 🙂 OOH how is On the Fence? Actually that’s a ridic question because it is AMAAAAZING. (awks if you’re not liking it though O.o) Hah! Love the gif. ALL THAT SASS.

    Lovely recap! <33

  5. ON THE FENCEEEEE. I hope you’ll love that one!! I certainly did 😀 Also, hurray for the sass master, haha. And I’m curious what you’ll think of Scarlet!

    Awesome recap <33

  6. I’ve read Little Women at least two or three times. I love it, except for the Jo and Laurie thing. I don’t know why it annoys me so much, but it really REALLY does o.o
    What does “minging” mean? 😮
    I totally know what you mean about the computer, though. It’s a place where I much too easily get distracted and then I have to stay up super late to finish my homework. I’m trying not to do that anymore because I need sleep xD
    But isn’t the redesign awesome?! 😀

    • I really like it too. It’s preachy and moral-y in a way that I actually like (weird, right?).

      Minging means awful, or disgusting. Or something.

      Computers are soooo distracting. Which is why I don’t let myself on the internet between 7 and 9 on school nights. It’s done wonders for my productivity 🙂

      THE REDESIGN IS AWESOME. Loving the lighter colours – it was a bit difficult to see before.

      • A little bit, but I totally get it. Sometimes it just works.
        And wow, that’s weird aha. I wonder what kind of reaction I’d get if I just started saying that word out of nowhere. Do you think I’d have to say it with an accent? Aha
        And I should probably make a similar restriction for myself xD
        But I like how it’s not too light either. Cause that’s a problem I have with some blogs. My eyes are awful. Super light colors don’t work for me :/ But their new design is perfect ^.^

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