What Happened This Week: Stacking the Shelves (4) and School Stuff

There are lots of S’s in that title. Okay, so let’s talk about this week. I was sick for the first half, meaning I missed an assessment task and had to get a doctor’s certificate and everything. I was like, crap, what if I don’t pass the test to be sick? What if they don’t believe me? Of course, my worry was for nothing.

So yeah, lots of school stuff this week: an English speech, a monologue for drama, a legal studies test and a story due for Extension English. Tiring! And this time next week, I’ll be furiously preparing for two weeks of exams. Good things from that? I get to stay off school when I don’t have exams. Woo!

Now let’s do some Stacking the Shelves. I’m thinking that Stacking the Shelves will be a fortnightly thing, because 1) I’m not as fast a reader as some of you bloggers out there, and 2) I can showcase even more books! I couldn’t take photos this week unfortunately, so internet covers will have to do.


Stacking the Shelves is a book meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews. It’s all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual. 



Because it just looked too cute! This is one of my most-anticipated autumn reads 🙂



I got Looking for Alibrandi from the fabulous Mel at YA Midnight Reads. In return, I sent off The Sky Is Everywhere, a book that everyone else loved and I didn’t.



Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares – so back in December, I won a prize pack of 20 books from Allen and Unwin (!!!!). This was one of those books, delayed because it wasn’t in stock yet. So excited to read this one!

The Last Shot – second in the series by Michael Adams. I won this thanks to Gina Scarcella at Behind A Million And One Pages, on behalf of (again) Allen and Unwin. The author is Aussie and therefore awesome.

That’s it for Stacking the Shelves this week! I anticipate having lots of new books for the next time, so stay tuned 🙂

Currently Reading: 


At the time of scheduling this post, I’m just about to start this after having finished Scarlet by Marissa Meyer.

Books Recently Read: 


And all three were GREAT. I’ll be reviewing Scarlet on Monday so look out for that!

Reading Next: 


(mostly because it’s overdue at my school library!)


This just looks so relaxing. Now I’m feeling sleepy….


Monday: I reviewed Splintered by A G Howard. MORPHEUS.

Tuesday: I talked about the top ten books on my autumn TBR list. There are some great books there.

Wednesday: I discussed the movie adaptations I like more than the books! Any you can add to my list?

Thursday: a very fangirl-y ARC review of On the Fence by Kasie West (you’re going to LOVE it!)

Friday: I talked about how classics can occasionally be awesome, like Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

Saturday: I told you about a new pitch contest, NestPitch! I’m a judge so you should enter 🙂


I’ve updated my book reviews section. You can now search my reviews based on title, author or rating. Isn’t that fun?

What’s new with you, blogglings? 


19 thoughts on “What Happened This Week: Stacking the Shelves (4) and School Stuff

  1. I’m finding I can’t edit AND read books all at once. They’re getting mussed in my brain, so yeah, stacking the shelves may end up being fortnightly for me for a while too. 0.0 Never thought I’d say I wasn’t reading fast enough, hehe, XD OKAY. So YAY for How To Keep…and you get the picture with the rest of the title. I read that on a crazy whim and it was soooo funny. I liked Looking for Alibrandi! I listened to it on audio, so the narrator had the BEST Italian accents of ever. 🙂

    • Ooooh, good luck with your editing! In that case I can’t wait to read How to Keep etc etc (I ran into this same problem when reviewing The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks – try writing that a million times!). I’ve actually never listened to an audiobook. Maybe I should. Italian accents are awesome!

  2. Best of luck with the exams! And glad you’re feeling better.

    The new books look great 🙂 I love Looking for Alibrandi so I think it was a good trade (although I also loved the Sky is Everywhere).

    • Thank you!

      I have so many great new books to dive into. And once exams are finished, I can relax for two weeks 🙂 I don’t know why I didn’t love The Sky Is Everywhere, because usually I’m not much of a black sheep. But hopefully Mel will like it 🙂

  3. I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling well Emily, however, I’m very jealous you’ve read On the Fence, but I’m glad you enjoyed Scarlet, yet another person who is enjoying the series, I’m impressed. Be proud of what you’ve read this week, that’s great! 😀

  4. I haven’t read Cinder yet but I really want to! It has been on my TBR list forever. I guess I won’t read your review of Scarlet until I get around to that. 😦
    Great post though!

  5. Nice assortment of books. I’m surprised you can read as much as you do with your heavy school schedule. I loved Scarlet. I read Little Women but I liked Little Men better and Rose in Bloom best of all. Can you tell I did a study of Louisa May Alcott for my graduate school literature class?

    Come see what I got at Ms. Martin Teaches Media and Inside of a Dog. Happy reading!

    • I’m surprised as well, to be honest 🙂 I try to read quite a bit on weekends. I loved Little Women, didn’t like Good Wives as much (don’t think I’ve read Little Men or Jo’s Boys). That sounds like such a cool study!

      How funny! Inside a Dog is also an Australian literature website 🙂

  6. School equals blahhhh. That’s all I can say. ):
    On the Fence! I am SO excited for that one! I’m currently reading Split Second and all I can say is Kasie West! ❤
    And ahh, Scarlet! I absolutely LOVED that book.
    How to Keep A Boy From Kissing You? What an interesting title!

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