Top Ten Tuesday: things on my bookish bucket list

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish.

Each week they will post a new Top Ten list. It’s a great way to find and connect with other awesome bloggers.
There are so many things I want to accomplish as a blogger or a reader. Today I’m going to share ten of those things, even though there are many, many more!
1. Meet this guy
So John Green is like my favourite author. And not just in terms of his ASKFLSKDJFLSDK books but also because he’s thoughtful, knowledgeable, incredibly funny and witty, and a great online role model. Meeting him would be incredible.
2. Make my blog into a .com site
Except I’m poor. And I don’t know much about how to do it. But one day, I am determined to make my WordPress blog into a PROPER REAL ONE. With a PROPER REAL DESIGN and stuff. At the moment, I’m happy with my blog 🙂
3. Attend Book Expo Australia
This is a new thing this year, and it would be so exciting to go!
4. Host a giveaway
And I mean my OWN giveaway. I’ve done them before for critiques and such, but I’d love to do a blogaversery giveaway towards the end of this year.
5. Meet some of my blogging friends IRL
Except I’d probably be all awkward. But yeah, I’d love to do this sometime!
6. Attend a book launch
It sounds as though this would be super fun.
7. Be someone’s favourite blog
How amazing would this be? I’d love to be someone’s favourite blog.
8. Work in publishing
Okay, so I’m only 16 and this is a huge goal, but I’ve got a lifetime, right? Sometime in my life, I want to work in publishing.
9. Read a book more awesome than Harry Potter
I mean, that will be almost impossible, considering the whole part about growing up with Harry Potter. But this would be awesome. I’d love to experience that excitement all over again.
10. Never stop being excited about reading. 
I love reading. I don’t ever want to lose my excitement for reading.
So those are the things on my bookish bucket list! What things do you want to accomplish as a reader or blogger?

41 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: things on my bookish bucket list

  1. THIS LIST ROCKS. The end. (Okay, nah, I have more to say.) I’m stuck on my list, eh, which I need to finish before tonight, buuut, I only have 9 and my perfectionism is NOT letting me get away with that. I’m trying to decide if I want to meet my blogging friends in real life, I mean, it’d ROCK beyond words, but I’m so awkward. I’m like awkward meets shy meets mute (I’m not really a mute, only when new people are involved). Buuut, I still kind of want to. XD I LOVE YOUR BLOG. I DO. I DO.

    • I am the same. Except with lists of books because it’s three lots of three and that works out well. I’m the same with meeting blogging people – yeah, I’d be awkward AS, but I think it’d be worth it. I’ve met Lauren and Katie from Aussie Owned, and that worked out well 🙂 thaaaaaaaaanks, Cait ❤

  2. Fantastic list! 😀 You’re on of my favourite bloggers, does that count? I couldn’t possible have ONE favourite, that’d be too hard and harsh. A giveaway by myself is something I’d also love to do and I’m hoping that I might be able to in Summer, so here’s hoping! 😀 These are great aspirations, and I hope you reach your goals Emily! 🙂

  3. There’s going to be a book expo Australia?! I actually had no idea. It would be pretty amazing to go to that, I think.
    I’d love to meet John Green, too, but knowing me I’d clam up and just stare at him like an idiot. Heh.

    Great list. (:

    • Yep! Later this year, I think (and it’s pretty cheap, too).
      Oh my gosh, I have no idea what I would say to John Green. That’s a discussion post I have in the works, actually – what would you say to your favourite author? I have no idea!

      Thanks 😀

  4. Becoming a .com site is one of my hopes, too. I’m not sure if I’ll keep my blogger or switch over to WordPress, but either way, I want my own domain. I’ll finally feel official. As for BEA, I’d love to attend (the one in America) one day. It’s cool they’re going to have one in Australia now 😀 Let me know how that goes (:
    I’ve technically hosted a giveaway before, but it was a small one and rather lame. So I’d love to do a blogaversary thing too ^.^ But I’m not sure if I should do my official one next month (actually a coupe weeks, holy cow) or the one where I started “book” blogging, which is in October/November o.o
    I’d love to meet blogging friends IRL but I don’t have many (any?) so I don’t know who I’d meet xD
    You’re certainly one of my favorite blogs though 😀 I love your design, the way you run your blog, and you’re just awesome ^.^

    • It definitely gives it a sense of being “official.” Only problem is I’m technologically bereft. BEA in America sounds AMAZING – I’d actually love to attend that one day as well 🙂 but yeah, the Aussie one should be great if I can go!

      I hosted a critique giveaway (writing and stuff) when I first started blogging. But I’d love to do one of those Book Depository ones. Doesn’t sound too hard 🙂 and I think it would be worth it.

      Thanks so much!!! I’m glad you like my blog. *squishes you* *but in a nice way*

      • I would like to consider myself technologically almost competent xD As in, I have the potential to learn all this stuff, but as of now, I have no clue (:
        If you ever do, let me know! The only problem is school right now, but one day I shall go ^.^ Hope you do go to the Aussie one 😀
        And ahhh, I’ve seen a few of those. Those would be great if I ever actually finished something o.o aha. But yeah, that sounds like a good idea! Hey, maybe we can do a joint one and it can be this big huge fun event 😀 Just a thought (:
        And no problem at all!! ^.^

    • Awesome! Welcome to The Loony Teen Writer *waves* I guess my advice would be 1) stick to a theme, because then you draw in a specific readership, 2) post regularly, whether it’s once a day or once a week or once a month, but make sure there’s a schedule so people know when you’re posting; and 3) write about what interests you. Chances are it might interest someone else as well! And good luck 😀

  5. Brilliant list 🙂 Lots of goals to work towards but they’re realistic. I hope you meet them. I’ve met some bloggers in real life, and found it so easy to talk to them. (I’m very shy!) We’ve all got a common interest!

    • Thanks! I’ve met a few writing friends IRL, and that was an amazing experience. Meeting up at an event would be great, like if I get a chance to attent Book Expo Australia. There aren’t a huge amount of us, and we seem to all be pretty introverted, but I think it will be worth it 😛

  6. I am sure that you are a favourite of peoples. You have a great energy and your posts are fun to read.
    Best of luck achieving the rest of the things on your list. I’d love to go to BEAustralia but don’t have the funds.
    I recently moved from to selfhosted with my own domain and I looked around for the best deal and it didn’t end up being as expensive as I thought.
    As for your own giveaway – fun 🙂 I just hate that the postage often ends up being more expensive than the book itself!

    • Aww, thanks! Everyone’s so lovely. This is why blogging rocks.

      By the way, your new blog rocks. The old one was great too, but love the new design! Eventually I’ll switch over to self-hosted too, but not too sure when 😛

      Postage sucks. That’s why I’d love to do it through The Book Depository, since it’s free shipping. And their books are cheap 🙂

  7. I am steadily working towards having myself a self hosted site… but it is sooo daunting…

    Great list – cute blog – new follower.

    My TTT

  8. It would be lovely to meet some more blogging friends including you Emily! I’m not sure about BEA, we’ll see whether some of the bigger publishers will be going first. Plus I’m interstate, so it would be difficult to go down for it. Lovely list Emily!

    • That would be awesome! I overuse the word awesome! Aussie bloggers are by definition fantastic 😛 that’s a good point about BEA. I guess I’ll keep watching it and see if I still want to go. And it depends if any of my blogger/writing friends are going 🙂

    • Aww, hopefully they have one in the Philippines! I’m happy being an average blog too. Average is great. We don’t have many book launches in Australia either – most of them are in the US or UK, but I’d love to go to one 🙂 Working in publishing would be AMAZING.

  9. This list is basically my list. I’d also love to work in publishing someday! (and I’m 16 years old as well, but hey, we can have dreams and plans 😉 ) Although I’m also considering being a vet, haha. And I totally want to go to BEA someday. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as Book Expo the Netherlands. Oh well. Maybe I’ll go to America/Australia someday 😉

    • Dreams are great! Except ones when you’re sleeping that are weird. Such as being in a ball pit and being shot at by snipers (like seriously, brain. What). My sister also wants to be a vet! It’s a good contrast to reading, that’s for sure. They should TOTALLY make a Book Expo Netherlands. BEN. It would be cool.

  10. I follow your blog. I might not be able to leave comments always but I read your post on WordPress reader. You know what, I have an unused coupon on namecheap for a 1 year domain registration. If you’re interested to continue with a domain registration, I can give it to you.

    I agree with you about Harry Potter. I grow up reading that series too. I remember I have to wait every year for the release and I’m always first in the line in our bookstores.

    • Hey! *waves* It’s nice to know that some people just read without commenting 🙂 that’s a lovely offer, but I don’t think I’m even ready to do that yet!

      Harry Potter is my childhood, quite literally. I have such vivid memories of sitting at school on the silver seats and finishing the seventh book. This was in year four. I just…I just love it so much.

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