The Paper Towns Movie (read: FANGIRLING HARD)

PS this post will have lots of Nerdfighter gifs. If you’re unaware, this is Hank Green, John Green’s brother. Yeah, he’s dancing. Yeah, he’s awesome.

So it was announced that Paper Towns, my equal second-favourite book of John Green’s (equal with Looking for Alaska, second to The Fault in Our Stars) is going to be made into a movie. Nat Wolff, who plays Isaac in the TFiOS movie, is going to be Quentin! THAT’S SO COOL. I feel like I have to pinch myself to see if it’s real. Or slap myself, apparently.

I thought I’d give you a bit of history about my obsession with John Green. It was 2012. Which meant I was in year nine. At the beginning of the year, I was an admin of a Harry Potter Facebook page (cool, I know). One of my admin buddies told me to read John Green’s books. Around the same time, I discovered the Nerdfighters. Back then, I didn’t even know that the two things were related. The first John Green book I read was Looking for Alaska.

And. I. Loved. It. Really I see it as my first foray into YA fiction. Before then I’d written some of it, but for some reason it didn’t occur to me how FREAKING MANY awesome YA books there were. Then I started watching the Vlogbrothers videos. And saw awesome/weird things like this:


And this:

And last one I promise (for now):

I watched all thousand (or something like that) videos in a very short amount of time. Then I read The Fault in Our Stars. Twice in two days.

I was in love. Back in ye old 2012, John Green wasn’t a familiar name with the people around me. The amount of times I lent my copy of TFiOS to others is astounding. It passed from hand to hand and we kept a tally of who cried and who didn’t. For two years I’ve followed them and though it doesn’t seem that long, it has had a huge influence on the books I read now, the books I write now, the opinions I hold, and the people I interact with online.

Hank and John Green are hugely influential people. And when the TFiOS movie was announced, it was almost too good to be true. I’ve followed the casting and the behind-the-scenes looks, and I watch Hank and John’s videos every time they’re uploaded. After a while it almost feels like John and Hank are FAMILIAR.


I am a huge Nerdfighter. I wouldn’t have been one without being a Potterhead. So basically let’s all thank J K Rowling. It always leads back to her.

I am SO SO excited that John is having so much success, because he deserves all of it. While I’m wary that the tight-knit community might become lesser, I have confidence in Nerdfighters. Because we’re awesome.

Are you excited for the movie? Couldn’t care less? Read the book or not? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

22 thoughts on “The Paper Towns Movie (read: FANGIRLING HARD)

  1. Ohhhhh my gosh this is so freakishly awesome. I NEED to read Paper Towns. I like own it. And haven’t read it. I’M GOING TO REMEDY THAT ASAP BECAUSE: MOVIE. I haven’t watched a lot of the vlogbrothers stuff, I mostly watch them now, but not the old ones. So therefore I don’t really feel like I’m a nerdfighter. *sad face* Buuuut, they’re so awesome and omg, these guys crack me up and John Green talks SO FAST. And I always watch their question videos, because they’re that funny. AH. To be funny like that. Totally my aim in life. 😉

    • READ. IT. RIGHT NOW. And if you want to be a nerdfighter, you are one. You don’t have to watch the videos (although I recommend the earlier ones, they’re amazing). HANK TALKS EVEN FASTER THAN JOHN. Except in the old videos. But yeah. They’re both freaking amazing. Totally inspirational.

  2. Yay! I agree with Cait. I REALLY need to get around to reading Paper Towns. I just read TFIOS (and blogged about it) so super exciting. Do you know when it is releasing?

  3. OMIGOSH! Paper Towns was actually the first and only John Green book I had ever read up until a month or so ago when I finally got Looking for Alaska and TFiOS. And I must agree – Looking for Alaska is AMAZING. I hate that it shares the same “falling in love with a bitch” theme, but it’s all good. They’re still amazing<3
    And I'm currently reading TFiOS and OMIGOD. I can hardly put it down but I have to because I have WAY TOO MUCH homework Dx But I am about halfway through and loving it and constantly on the verge of tears. Jeez.
    I have never watched/heard of the nerdfighters. But I will totally check them out, even though I'll feel like a huge fraud o.o But anyways! I AM TOTALLY EXCITED ABOUT THESE MOVIES. I must see Divergent soon, and TFiOS and Paper Towns whenever it comes out 😀

    • Before TFiOS, I think it was the one people knew about the most. I think he did that on purpose, because he felt that Looking for Alaska didn’t make his point clear enough (disproving the Manic Pixie Dream Girl thing). HOMEWORK SUCKS. Every time I read TFiOS (about four now, I think) I cry. Always in different parts. OMG watch the vlogbrothers videos, they’re amaaaaaazing. Brings a new dimension to his books 🙂 I want to see Divergent too, but none of my friends will come with me 😦 cyber-watching, anyone?

  4. I AM MORE THAN EXCITED. I may have screamed a little when I heard the news haha.

    I love the vlogbrothers videos; Hank and John are such an inspiration. They’re intelligent, hilarious, down-to-earth and GOOD people. They’ve achieved so much with Project for Awesome and doing Crash Course. It’s great for John that his books are getting os much recognition now. He’s one of the most talented YA authors out there.

    Also stoked Nat is playing Q! I actually wanted him to play Gus in TFiOS, so it’s great he actually snagged the lead in at least one of John’s adaptations lol

    • They just….I just…they’re just so…I HAVE NO WORDS. Both of them have done so many amazing things, and I’m so proud to be part of the Nerdfighter community. Nerdfighters have their faults but reducing worldsuck is a great goal 🙂

      Nat seems like a really lovely guy as well. And funny, from the videos John did with him 🙂 now I’m wondering if the previous trunked movie ideas will get a second shot…

    • There are gifs GALORE of that pair. Their videos just make me so happy. Fandoms are great! I’m reading Fangirl at the moment and so connecting with Cath. And the Australian Nerdfighter group has almost 3,000 members, so yeah, there are a few of us 🙂

  5. That’s so cool! I’ve only read two John Green books (Looking for Alaska and TFiOS) and enjoyed them both. I’m excited for you that this movie is being made! And there’s nothing wrong with being that involved with a HP fan site. I’m still pretty active on one of the bigger HP fansites… it’s probably more appropriate for you at 16 than me at 26 but oh well 😛

    What it that nerdfighters say? DFTBA? 🙂

  6. I am so excited, when I found out I literally screamed and after that I could barely even breathe! I am so in love with Paper Towns, I’ve read it at least 4 times! I haven’t read TFIOS yet but I’m going to as soon as I finish the Divergent trilogy! Wow I just ended every sentence with an exclamation mark! Here’s a few more for good measure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I’ve only read it twice but I share your enthusiasm!!! Exclamation marks are excellent!!! They are a necessary grammatical device!! My internal voice starts going really weird when every sentence has an exclamation mark!!! Hopefully both movies are great, can’t wait to watch them 🙂

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  8. This is so exciting because Paper Towns has always been my favorite John Green book, and probably one of my favorite books of all time. Plus, I’ve always thought that it would make a great movie.

    Is it too early to start buying tickets?

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