Loony’s Musings: What Fandoms Do You Belong To?

Before I talk about fandoms, I forgot to show you one of my awesome bookish things yesterday!!! One of my amazing friends got me some Spectrespecs for Christmas a couple years ago.


Cool, right? Occasionally I wear them to school just to reinforce my nerdiness. Not that it comes as a shock to anyone.

Anyway, here are the fandoms that I’m part of:

The Harry Potter fandom: 

This one’s pretty obvious. I mean, I’ve loved Harry Potter since I was a kid – the first book came out about a week after I was born, so I have literally not known a life without Harry Potter. It’s such a large part of my identity that I’ve given up saying it changed me – I think it has actually shaped me.

The Nerdfighter fandom: 


The Sherlock fandom: 

Except not the books, the TV show with this handsome bastard. Which means I probably shouldn’t be talking about it on this blog but TOO BAD MY BLOG. I’m sorry. Ahem. Mr Handsomebatch makes me strange.

The book blogging fandom

(if you look closely, this is a GIF!)

I love book bloggers. The whole community of books and awesome series is one I genuinely believe has made me a better, more well-rounded person. *hugs you all*

Why I love fandoms

There are some people who hate fandoms (gasp! Can you believe??). I guess there might be something off-putting about people who constantly obsess over the same things. And in some cases I can observe this for myself. For instance I hated Frozen (another gasp!). Seeing people constantly talk about it does my head in, and if you hated Harry Potter, it would make you like it even less to hear about it 24/7.

But I love fandoms. I love the community aspect. I love the fact that geographical closeness doesn’t dictate how people interact – people from all over the world create things and fangirl over things and talk about things. I love the Nerdfighters for their commitment to decreasing worldsuck, and the Harry Potter fandom for creating things much larger than the books. I love the Sherlock fandom because…I don’t have a profound reason for this one, I just enjoy it.

And that’s cool too! I hate it when people condescend based on someone’s interests. Like, you’re laughing at them because they like One Direction, but guess what? They’re having fun and you’re being a jerk, so who’s the real loser?

I’m sorry. I have a lot of feelings about this.


What fandoms are you part of? Favourite parts of them? Least favourites? I SO want to hear what you have to say!!!



32 thoughts on “Loony’s Musings: What Fandoms Do You Belong To?

  1. The Feels of Fandom! My favorite parts, are also that certain things such as interests can bring people together, and that an obsession can be part of who you are, like a wizard. 🙂
    For example, I know people in other countries who love One Direction, and I relate to them through that.
    Only things with books and stuff, is that they crush your life! (sometimes)

  2. Oh, I fandom hardcore. I can hardly remember life before the fandom. 😀

    My top fandom is Holy Trinity known as SuperWhoLock. Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock pretty much dominate my life in all aspects. Harry Potter is the equivalent of those, though, since it was my first fandom experience. Other fandoms include Teen Wolf (Dylan O’brien man), Anime/Manga, K-pop (my second biggest obsession), and Writer Fandom, and I’m just getting into book blogging. Honorable mentions go to American Horror Story and The Walking Dead.

    You hate Frozen too? Finally, I met someone who feels the same.

    • Neither can I! It’s like I’m MADE of fandom.

      Ahhh, you’re part of the trinity. See, I watched Doctor Who for a while and stopped for some reason??? And Supernatural I just don’t have time to watch. Harry Potter is kind of the big umbrella a lot of people experienced first, trickling down to other things. Isn’t obsession fun???

      I’m so glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t like Frozen. I’d started to think there was something genetically wrong with my ability to Like Stuff 😛

  3. Haters gonna hate on everything. Even amazing things like fandoms.
    I love that you created the book blogging fandom, haha 😀 I most definitely belong to that one.
    My main fandom, however, is the Merlin fandom. It’s pretty much my favourite show (hard to pick just one because Dawson’s Creek + Lost). I blog about it, and I write fanfic, and I reblog hundreds of fan made graphics and photos. It’s wonderful.
    SHERLOCK. I am also in this fandom, but not as active as the Merlin one. I love that show, and geezus Benedict Cumberbatch. I love in the Tumblr guidelines, they mention his alien beauty, haha XD
    Supernatural. The Hobbit. Star Trek. Pretty much once I really REALLY love something, I’ll be a part of the fandom.
    I think my favourite part of fandoms is the love. You get to ‘meet’ people who love ‘x’ as much as you do. It’s fantastic!
    But I don’t like the catty side of fandoms, especially if the series is still going. You get people fighting over who should be together and if that character death was necessary etc etc, and I guess I’m kind of just like: guys, we all love it, can’t we just be happy?
    But for the most part, fandoms are great, and I love them 😀

    • The book blogging fandom is totally a thing. Because I said. 😛

      OMG, I LOVE Merlin. Such a funny show (probably historically inaccurate, but as if I care). I’m so sad they stopped making more 😦 but I’m not really a part of the fandom, as such, which is why I didn’t include it. Maybe I’ll cross How I Met Your Mother off the list once I watch the last episode if other people’s comments are true…

      Tumblr staff are my favourite staff of ever. Those guidelines are hilarious 😛

      You make a good point about the catty side of fandoms. And there are people arguing who’s a better fan, and stuff like that, which isn’t nice. Fandoms are family! We do not hate!

      But yeah, I think the same – the awesomeness of fandoms cancels out a lot of the bad.

  4. Fandoms are awesome (: It’s so great to find like minded people in which you can have lengthy discussions about literally EVERY aspect of something you adore. I’m part of a lot of fandoms, though some I’m more active in than others. I also tend to be completely into something at a certain period of time, drop it for awhile and then my obsession comes back full force. My fandoms include (but aren’t limited to lol): teen wolf, harry potter, supernatural, sherlock, marvel super heroes, lord of the rings, revenge, books, the blogging world…really with anything I enjoy, I’ll be a part of its fandom.

    • Right? Obsessive people are my favourite people. My obsessions sometimes phase in and out, like Doctor Who, which I absolutely LOVED for a while until…well, I’m not even sure what happened. I’m with you – if I love something, I don’t just love it, I LOVE it. Which is an important distinction. Yay fandoms and awesome people 🙂

  5. I am a part of many fandoms I think, the big ones being The Book Blogging and Reading obviously, Harry Potter because duh, and Sherlock, including all book formats and all shows based off Sherlock Holmes, and I’d even go as far as as to mention other TV shows such as The Musketeers, which is predominantly British, Once Upon a Time, which I’m half and half about, and CSI which I adore with a passion! Book wise, I’d probably even confidently say I’m part of the Jennifer E Smith fandom is there is one, and Skulduggery Pleasant fandom, because my babies!
    Great post, and it’s great to start a conversation! I’ve got a post about the bad things about fandoms and fans that identify themselves as ‘real fans’ on Saturday, so something fan related must be in the air! 🙂

    • Now I think of it there are SO. MANY. FANDOMS. You’d think from Tumblr that there are only a few, but sometimes the smaller communities are more intimate, and even better (for example I love the tight-knit blogging community!). I read a Jennifer E Smith book yesterday and wasn’t too impressed, but I’d totally read her other books.

      Something fandom is definitely in the air. Oh well, I’m happy to read everything I can about them 😀

  6. Great post Emily! I love fandoms, and I would say that I am a part of many…unfortunately I don’t have the time to go into them all, but I will mention that I am also a part of the Harry Potter and Nerdfighter fandom, as well as the book blogging fandom and the Sherlock fandom. I LOVE the Sherlock books, and I love all adaptations of them that I have seen, but my favourite is definitely the one you mentioned…Benedict makes the perfect Sherlock!

    • Thanks, Ebony! I see your problem with too many fandoms. The life of a fangirl 😛 I haven’t actually read the Sherlock books, but I would love to! In general I’m not opposed to classics and detective stories are cool. Benedict is amazing. Let’s just leave it at that 😛

  7. I really love fandoms! I love how they bring together heaps of people and you can fangirl/nerd-out about everything together. Like seriously, the Supernatural fandom is HUGE and awesome and full of crying people. BUT I LOVE IT. And the book blogging fandom absolutely rocks! I would like to consider myself in the NerdFighter fandom, buuuut, I haven’t watched many of the vlogs and I’m not on tumblr, so I feel like I’m maybe 60% a fan. Which brings me something I was totally going to write a post about, but you practically beat me to it (brilliant minds XD)…but when can you call yourself part of the fandom? How dedicated must you be… *dun dun daaaaah* It’s a fascinating question, but I probably won’t get around to posting about it. Hehe.

    • Nerding out is the best thing to do (luckily I go to a nerd school!). The Harry Potter fandom is also full of crying people. Bloody J K Rowling!

      You should get Tumblr. Just saying. There is a huge Supernatural fandom. Okay, there’s a huge fandom for everything on Tumblr, and I have actually learnt so much about different things.

      Great minds think alike!! Totally write that post, though. It’s something I’d love to read about. I love anything you post, though. Anything and everything. Reading is pretty great.

      Thanks, Cait ❤

  8. Fandoms in general excite me. Even if it is a fandom I’m not in, I like watching those who are in it. It is as though there’s a common understanding that all fandoms are awesome.

    • That’s true as well! When there’s a season finale in another fandom, I am always offering cyber-tissues. Fandoms in general should band together, because we are so misunderstood by Normal People. And by Normal I actually mean Crazy because how can you live without obsessing over things???

  9. Yay! Another fan girl!
    I mean, I fangirl over the same fandoms like you! How awesomesauce is that!
    Harry Potter pretty much introduced me to the fandom world, I must say.
    And I was born ON the day the first book was released. (P.S. Our birthdays are close too!)
    And Sherlock is just amazing! No words required. (Although Benedict Cumberbatch! <3_<3)
    Although I haven't watched a lot of John Green's vlog, I've read all his books and they are awesome!

    • That is so cool that your birthday is the first day of Harry Potter!!! Nothing really exciting happens on mine 😛

      I LOVED season three of Sherlock. So many awesome GIFs. And just BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH YAY. I love how many bookish people are fans of Sherlock 🙂

      You should totally watch the vlogbrothers vlogs. Like, all of them. Over quite a long period of time because there are lots. And I love Hank just as much as John 🙂

      I am a happy fangirl today, after seeing all these awesome people!

  10. The book blogging fandom! That GIF is so pretty. ❤ While I do enjoy Harry Potter, my ultimate fandom is probably Percy Jackson. I'm, like, obsessed with all things related to it. And it is it bad that I've never watched form the vlogbrothers yet? D: I've read a lot of John Green and have been curious about his vlogs but never actually had the initiative to watch them. o.o I'm a horrible, horrible fangirl. ;(

    • I read Percy Jackson by my sister’s recommendations. LOVE the chapter titles – the best I’ve ever seen.

      Oh, you should watch the vlogbrothers!! Some of the older ones are the best. Although I acknowledge that you do need a lot of free time to watch them. This was back in 2012 – only year nine, haha 🙂

  11. I love fandoms! It’s great to be a part of a group of people who are passionate about something. Plus I find they’re aways hilarious; I love all the in-jokes and GIFs that fandoms are responsible for. It’s amazing.

    Fandoms I adore: Supernatural, Teen Wolf, Nerdfighters . . . just so many! Nerdfighters definitely top the list though. They’re such a positive fanbase!

    • Passion is awesome. Nerdiness is awesome. Awesome things are awesome. And the humour is one of my favourite parts too!

      Nerdfighters are one of my favourite fandoms. Striving to decrease world suck, I mean, that’s great. The only downside is when they become viciously politically correct and start hating white men just because they’re privileged or whatever. But for the most part they’re fantastic people and I’m lucky to be a part of the community 🙂

  12. How crazy, I was actually thinking about this same topic too! I’m definitely a Potterhead. I’m also a huge gamer and book blogger. I love supernatural, game of thrones, and walking dead. And fandoms in general. Lovely post Emily!

    • Great minds think alike 🙂 Yay for Potterheads! I’ve never got into gaming but there’s a huge community of gamers at my school. Then there are the anime people and wow, there are so many fandoms I haven’t even thought of before. Love these communities!

  13. I’m not a part of anything. Why am I even here. I’m not questioning my existence o.o
    Okay, I’m being weird 😀 But seriously, I’ve never considered myself to be a part of any fandom. And I know I’m missing out because I’m severely lacking someone to fangirl with (>.<)
    Also, why do you hate Frozen? I must know o.o

    • Haha, that’s okay, us crazy fandom people are a very small eprcentage of the population 🙂 but trust me, it’s awesome.
      If Frozen weren’t as popular, I wouldn’t hate it as much. Basically, I thought it was boring and kind of predictable. But hey, other people love it, so I try not to be too grumpy 😛

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