Loony’s Musings: What am I writing and what’s my process?

So this is a writer’s blog hop. I was tagged by Ami Allen Vath right here. Normally I don’t participate in these kinds of things, but this one sounded fun. Are you excited?

Okay, guys, you can at least try and be excited.


Better. I suppose.

Here are the questions!

1. What are you working on?

I am working on my YA contemporary,Β The Daisy List. It’s taking me longer than I thought, since I’m in year 11 this year and it’s getting kinda hard. I wrote the first draft during Camp NaNoWriMo in July last year, so it’s been…a while. I’ve only been working on the second draft for a few months, but it seems like forever. It’s about a girl, whose mum has cancer. They move to England so the mum can die in her home country, and the girl (Daisy) starts completing the things her mum never got to do.

2. How does your work differ from others in your genre?

Oh goodness, I already feel narcissistic answering this one.

Anyway, I guess my writing’s different in that I don’t write about usual relationships. Usually my girl/guy relationships are platonic, at least eventually. And if they are romantic, they’re not between a white guy and a white girl. Because diversity FTW. A couple of my WIPs don’t feature romantic relationships at all. Weird, huh?

3. Why do you write what you write?

You mean YA? Well, because I’m a young adult, I guess. I figure even if my writing isn’t that great yet, having written so much stuff as a teen will give me a lot of content to look back on when I’m ancient πŸ˜› I write YA because I want people to read it and love it. I write it because I want to share an idea I had, or because it’s something I’d love to read. I write to escape, because I need to, because I love it, because I can’t stop, because reading back what I’ve written is a really lovely experience (aaaaand we’re back to the narcissism. But seriously, sometimes I really like reading what I’ve written)

4. How does your writing process work?

Fantastic question. How do I answer it?


Yeah, so, my process is weird.Β There are some definite things I do, and some things that vary.

Definite things:Β 

– When I have an idea, I put it into a Scrivener document. I have tabs for “titles,” “character quirks,” “images,” “beginnings,” “writing dares” and “general ideas.” Here are some examples.


JELLYFISH MERMAIDS, AMIRITE. I’ve always wanted to write a story about mermaids.


Strawberries and Sausages

Writing dares (these are from the NaNoWriMo forums):Β 

  • Have a character with a T-shirt that says “my parents went to save the world and all they brought me back was this lousy T-shirt.” Points if it’s true

So that’s ideas. I’ll probably go into ideas in more depth later on, because I have some COOL PICTURES that could do with sharing. And Tumblr posts. Tumblr is great for writing ideas.

Other definites in my writing process:Β 

– I always have an outline. I hardly ever stick to it, but I find that if I don’t have my scenes listed out, the story goes nowhere.

– I like to write first drafts quickly. The process is painful enough as it is without prolonging it.

– Sending to CPs! Cait from Notebook Sisters is one of these awesome CPS *waves* It is literally impossible to write something good without CPs/betas.

Things that vary

– How long it takes me to write a second draft. Okay, so I’ve only done this like, twice, but I can imagine it will be different every time.

– How long I rest a manuscript before writing the second draft. ForΒ Mutual Weirdness, it was about a month. ForΒ The Daisy List, it was about six months. And my NaNo novel from last year might not even be rewritten.

– The process of turning it from an idea into a novel. Sometimes I jot things down instantaneously, but most of the time I finish my current project before starting another.

So that’s my writing process! It’s a bit of a jumble, but it’s worked for me so far. See, bloggers, we’re a mess. But you should know that by now. And writers, you figured that out long ago. What’s your writing process? Or if you’re a reader, are there any misconceptions you’ve had about the writing process?Β 


19 thoughts on “Loony’s Musings: What am I writing and what’s my process?

  1. I wish I had Scrivener. I’ve so many good things about it. ^_^

    My writing process is a little weird. When I get an idea, I try not to write it down immediately. I just let it stew for a few days/weeks, while making a pinterest board for the story. If you ever see a new board pop up on my pinterest, it’s because I just got a new idea. After awhile, I start typing up something that vaguely resembles a first chapter. Then I make another document that’s just a collection of scene ideas and characters in case I lose focus.

    I’m not really good at outlining. I can make an outline using different methods easily, but I’m not so good at following it. xD

    • Scrivener is SO useful – I love it πŸ™‚ I like leaving my ideas stew as well; they tend to develop more when I’m not actively thinking about them. I guess for me, the content of the outline isn’t important, it’s having it there to start with – otherwise I’ll probably lose interest and stop.

      But yeah, there are a ridiculous amount of ways to write a novel – most are crazy. Writing in general is just crazy.

    Your writing process is fabulous. Mine is…gah, if you think yours is messy, multiple it by six (thanks Megamind) and you have mine. I don’t even HAVE a process mostly. I just kind of blurt ideas and then leave them to fester alone. Gosh, it’s been almost a year since I wrote a bunch of my books and I STILL haven’t edited them. Editing is hard. Too hard. *sobs* And I call my self a writer….baaaah.

    • SO ARE YOU πŸ˜›

      Fabulously weird, probably. But your process is FANTASTICALLY messy. Like, you’ve written 2700 novels or something, that’s quite an achievement. I agree with you, though – editing is hard. Rewriting every single word of an MS is hard (kill meeeee).

  3. Emma Stone gif <33 Captain Jack Sparrow gifs <33 hehe

    That picture of the mermaid jellyfish is super cool, you have the best inspiration pictures (: I'd love to see a future post highlighting your awesome pictures.

    Haha, my writing process is also pretty scattered. I have about 328094832 documents full of half fleshed out ideas/characters/plot lines/settings/conflicts/whatever. Sometimes these ideas will turn into something, around 10 pages of writing. Then I never touch them again. Woop woop! Great system c;

    • You know I love my GIFs πŸ˜›

      DUDE TUMBLR HAS AWESOME PICTURES. I have a stack of them. I will probably do a post on them, actually, because they’re cool.

      Yay for crazy systems! I mean, there are lots of reasons for writing, and lots of formats, genres, methods, tools, chocolate flavours…it’s a diverse thing. And most of us are crazy, so discriminating based on the type of craziness seems…well, crazy. Yay for scattered writing systems πŸ™‚

  4. whenever at school we get told to write a short story, I never plan it or anything. I probably just have a faint idea of the story line then I just write gibberish and hope for the best. The Daisy List sounds really cool! Have fun with that >.< Also, I love your writing dares, sounds awesome.

    Thanks for sharing, Em! <33

    • Haha, school is a different matter. Usually I start with an idea and have a vague idea of the ending before just writing out the whole thing in one sitting. Although next year when I do extension 2, which is 8,000 words, I don’t think I’ll be able to get away with it πŸ˜›

  5. I don’t really have a Writing Process as I don’t write that much yet (only fanfiction and it doesn’t really count… or does it? Haha) but I’d love to read your book someday. It sounds intriguing and in a way, heartbreaking, just from the synopsis alone. Well done!

    Faye at The Social Potato Reviews

  6. I’m so impressed that you’re so dedicated to writing. I tried my hand at writing in high school, and posted my stuff on FictionPress. They were never completed unfortunately, but I had some good ideas I really want to revisit. I’ve got another story brewing in my head right now, but have no time to sit and write! Thank you for sharing these tips Emily, I will be coming back to this page when I get stuck! xx

  7. My goodness! I may never call myself a writer again xD
    I’ve never gotten through a first draft. Although I’ve kept starting the story over too many times to count. I haven’t actually typed out any scenes yet just because I still have some issues I want to fix before I get into it. But still. I have maybe three WIPs, but two are 25% written and dying for another do-over, The other is the faintest idea of an outline. That has some potential, but it’s missing an extra something. Haven’t identified it yet.
    Not the point! The point is I have failed at writing xD BUT I AM ROOTING FOR YOU. You must finish your processes and whenever you’re done, I WANT YOUR BOOK πŸ˜€ Before you become a big, famous author (:

    • Haha, my theory is that if you write, you can call yourself a writer. I used to do the same thing, actually – start a million different stories and then never finish any of them. I’m not sure what changed, but now I get to the end of things, which is good.

      Re being a big, famous author, I wish! That would be pretty fantastic. My friend still has a story about fairies that I gave her in year 7. She wants me to sign it so she can sell it when I’m “famous” (I told her not to hold her breath). But hey, writing’s fun and I’ll keep doing it regardless of whether I publish a book or not πŸ™‚

      • Does sporadic writing count? xD And I’m waiting for that to change. I keep saying “when I have time” but I never do. Too much to do. Too little time. I’m hoping this summer I’ll at least finish first drafts, you know? SO I can feel accomplished xD I don’t really hope to publish anything. But knowing I’ve finished the stories will be rewarding enough (:

        And ha! That’s pretty clever (; If you do end up not publishing, at least share it. You know, Wattpad and such? I don’t know much about using that as a way to share stories. I just know I’ve read some pretty cool stuff on that πŸ˜€

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  9. This is the first time I’ve been in the long haul with a story, so….. I don’t exactly have a process….. But everything you wrote was SO true. I love your blog!!! β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯

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