What Happened This Month: reading lots and fangirling

I’m not doing a Stacking the Shelves this week – I want to save it for next week, because hopefully my Book Depository buys will arrive by then! Plus I’m planning to go to the Dymocks in the city, and that definitely means some purchases will be made.

This month! 

– I had a week-long break from blogging and missed it a lot, but had fun at the beach

– I got a bunch of chocolate from the very generous Easter Bunny

– And, recently, I won tickets to a pre-screening of The Fault in Our Stars. Is this real life??? So that’s on Monday – look for a blog post from me all about it. I’m sure it will be fantastic. PS that’s where the “fangirling” part of the title comes in.

– Got marks back for my exams…well, I haven’t got my religion one back yet. Which is the one I had no idea of, so that’ll be fun. But I was most worried about my English essay, and I did well for that, so I’m happy.

My goals for April were to:


– Read at least 12 books (check! I read 18 books)

– Review at least 8 books (well…7. But to be fair I was away for a week. Click on the pictures to read my reviews!)

Image Image marie antoinette, serial killer cress Image

Image Image

– Read at least 4 books by Aussie authors (check! I read Tigers on the Beach, Looking for Alibrandi, Writing Clementine, Dead, Actually, The Last Girl and How to Keep a Boy from Kissing You – that’s 6!)


– Get to 50k on The Daisy List (well, no. I got to 46k. Damn!)

– Send out a few queries for Mutual Weirdness (I’ll totally do it this time) (check!)

So now it’s onto May.



– Read at least 8 books

– Review at least 8 books

– Read at least 2 books by Aussie authors

– Read at least 2 MG books


– Get to 55k on The Daisy List

– Keep brainstorming for my Alice retelling (tentatively named Wanderland)

– Send out some queries for Mutual Weirdness

Fingers crossed these things happen!


(I am a SUCKER for stars)

Books read since last week

ballet shoes

Only one book! I know, it’s a tragedy. But it was my first week of school and…yeah, that’s my excuse. But I did well on my exams so I rewarded myself with a LOT of How I Met Your Mother (almost up to season 9 now!).

Currently Reading

finding jennifer jones

Though I wasn’t ridiculously blown away by the first book, I am curious enough to want to find out what else happens to Jennifer/Alice/Kate.

Reading next

Which one out of these two?

the last showthe outsiders

Aussie dystopian…or YA contemporary classic? Let me know in comments!

I hope your April was as enjoyable as mine!


13 thoughts on “What Happened This Month: reading lots and fangirling

  1. Ooh, good luck on the writing bit, I know that’s tough =) You read Ballet Shoes?! I absolutely adore that book; I finished it about a year ago and loved it. You’re sooo lucky to get to see TFIOS before it comes out! Definitely tell us what you thought!! Happy May! 😉

    • Thanks, it is pretty tough! Not so much the actual writing but finding time for it. Ballet Shoes is a lovely book! I first read it when I was little and then recently decided to reread it. I can’t wait to see TFIOS – I’m posting something on Wednesday about it, I think. EEEEE 😀 Happy May to you as well!

  2. You did super well with your goals for April! I always stuggle with sticking to goals that I set! Also, that’s fantastic that you did well on your English essay! And a big fist pump and cheer for winning tickets to a pre-screening of TFiOS! I won tickets also, and while I’m dreading tomorrow night at 6:45pm, I’m also very excited! Good luck with your goals for May!

    • Thanks, Ebony! Part of the reason I put my goals on here is so that they’re in a public place, and I feel worse if I don’t complete them 😛 Why are you dreading tomorrow night? I’m so excited!!! It wouldn’t be the Sydney one, would it? :O we could meet up.

      • That’s a good idea, come to think of it! I’m dreading it because I know how sad it’s going to be, even though I’m super excited! That would be cool, but unfortunately I’m in Melbourne. Also! I would love to see what you think of The Outsiders! It was my favourite book for a while when I was 15.

  3. Good job on accomplishing pretty much all your goals for last month! OMG TFIOS TMRW FOR YOU? YOU MUST BRING IN A CAMERA AND VIDEO THE WHOLE THING FOR ME. OKAY? OKAY. (see what I did there?)

    Okay, have a lovely week, Em! <33

    • Thanks, Mel!

      TFIOS TOMORROW FOR MEEEEEEEE. I’ve given my sister the job of being the Designated Photographer, so she’s going to be the one capturing the event. No videoing, though 😛 I see what you did there! Now I’m going to cry in preparation for tomorrow ahhhhhhhh I’m so excited.

      Have a lovely week, Mel!!! 😀

  4. I’m truly impressed by all the books you’ve read in April, Emily! How do you find the time for it all?! I’ll be heading to TFiOS prescreening as well – are you around Sydney? 😀 I’m a sucker for stars as well, heading to the observatory with the bf this week, I’m so excited! Good luck with your queries lovely, I’m crossing my fingers for you xx

    • Haha, thanks Joy. I should have put photos of them all just to be proud of how many there are 😀 I found the time in school holidays by procrastinating on school work, haha.

      OMG, you’re in Sydney for the TFIOS screening? We should totally meet up! Jaz from pixelski is coming as well. What can I identify you with? 🙂

  5. I hope you enjoy the pre-screening! I didn’t have time to enter, but I hope you have a great time!
    The Last Shot is really good! I definitely think you should read this, especially after finishing The Last Girl not so long ago 🙂 Happy Reading!

  6. I am so ridiuclously jealous I’M JUST GOING TO SIT HERE AND POUT, OKAY?!! Nah, CONGRATS!!! That is so awesome you got the pre-screening tickets!! And have I ever mentioned how much of a fan I am of how you do monthly goals? I want to do that. I don’t think I’d ever stick to them though. Meh. I’m such a rebel when I give myself a list of jobs. It’s like I just have to break them. Bad me. Okay. Anyway!! Lots of awesome, nice to see The Daisy List getting fat and growing up . 😉

  7. I’m keen to hear what you think of The Last Shot, haven’t heard many reviews but I thought it was so bland I skipped out on half of it. I am so jealous of your TFIOS, I hope you enjoy it! Let us know what you think!

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