Top Ten Tuesday: Books Covers I’d Frame as Art


Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish.

Each week there’s a different Top Ten list. It’s a great way to find and connect with other awesome bloggers.
COVERS. I was excited as soon as I saw the topic for this week. I love book covers! I just love looking at them. Stroking them. Whispering to them. What?
Okay. So these are some of my FAVOURITEST book covers, that I’d totally frame as artworks in my non-existent house full of only bookish things (it’s going to happen one day, I can feel it).
splinteredwhat's left of mecinder
1) Splintered by A G Howard
I’m sure you’ve heard how much I love this book. The fact that it has such a beautiful cover is just a bonus.
2) What’s Left of Me by Kat Zhang
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the design of this book. It’s something I could totally see as a piece of art.
3) Cinder by Marissa Meyer
It’s such a striking image. So artistic – I’d love this on my wall somewhere!
these broken starsit's kind of a funny storywonder book
4) These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner
I fell in love with this book as soon as I saw the cover. Yes, INSTA-LOVE, a pet peeve of mine. Don’t judge me.
5) It’s Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini
This cover wins ALL the awards for 1) being a beautiful piece of artwork and 2) being such a good link to the book (read it already).
6) Wonder by R J Palacio
Beautiful book, beautiful cover. Nuff said.
bird crystal chanthe children and the wolvesasylum
7) Bird by Crystal Chan
Like What’s Left of Me, I really love how these kinds of designs use the negative space. Beautiful.
8) The Children and the Wolves by Adam Rapp
I haven’t read this book. But it sounds awesome, and this really creepy cover is something I’d love to see on a wall somewhere.
9) Asylum by Madeleine Roux
I haven’t heard anything about this book, but I LOVE the cover.
ink amanda sun
10) Ink by Amanda Sun
I haven’t read this one yet either, but I REALLY want to, and the paint-style cover of this is gorgeous.
I hope you like the book cover porn on display today for The Loony Teen Writer. I may have to go on a book-buying spree to obtain all these beautiful beautiful covers. Legit. Just for the covers. What about you? Link me to your TTT – I love covers and I can’t wait to see the ones you pick!

35 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books Covers I’d Frame as Art

  1. Well I don’t need to do a post now. I’ll just link to yours!! x) THESE ARE THE BEST. I think my top favourites are These Broken Stars and Bird and Splintered/Unhinged….ahhhh I LOVE covers. I know we shouldn’t “judge a book by their cover” and all that…buuut, it’s too hard not to! I love it when the book lives up to it’s awesome cover too.

    • Haha, thanks Cait (but no seriously, I’m so looking forward to your post. I want to have ALL the pretty book covers. I even started a Pinterest board for them). My thoughts are that a book cover is a marketing tool, and if the cover is tacky or not well done, I have to question how much work was done on the inside. But that’s a conversation for another post 😛

  2. I have to agree with Splintered, Cinder (which I’m reading and loooooooving right now, eep!) and Wonder, such a beautiful book and the cover is so beautifully simple, oh lord! Such good choices here Emily, some I’ve heard of and avoiding because of ‘pretty book cover trap’ but I might try them one day! Here’s my Top Ten Tuesday!

  3. I like the What’s Left of Me cover. It’s my first time seeing it but it immediately stood out to me. It’s very modern artsy.

    I’m so excited for this topic, too! I can’t wait to see what everyone picked!

  4. Great choices here! Especially for Splintered and These Broken Stars and Bird and Ink. But I love them all, they’re just my favourites in particular (though I COMPLETELY forgot about putting them on my list… There are just too many amazing covers out there). Sadly I wasn’t a fan of Ink, but still, the cover is amazing. I love the painting-look of it. Here’s my Top Ten Tuesday: (I’d post one of those fancy links like Amanda did, but I have no clue how.)

    • There are SO many amazing covers out there – very hard to choose only ten. Shame you didn’t like Ink – I’ve heard good things about it. Haha, you and me both for the fancy links. I think it’s like a href or something. Coding eludes me (that link should work fine for the purposes of me stalking awesome covers, haha).

  5. that Ink cover is so beautiful. I like book covers that have sketches or paint-like covers especially those that look like traditional art style.

  6. Omg, that Asylum cover is giving me nightmares! How can you want that one your wall?! 😛 It actually reminds me of the scary lady from Insidious :/

    I would love to frame TBS though, gorgeous, gorgeous cover ❤

  7. Ahhh, so pretty, so pretty! I just love them all. However, I especially love Splintered (I GOT THIS IN THE POST LAST WEEK AND I AM SO EXCITED TO READ IT!), Cinder (I still need to finish this book…unfortunately I couldn’t get into it when I first tried to read it), These Broken Stars (I can’t wait to see where the story goes in This Shattered World), It’s Kind of a Funny Story (I love this book and how the cover ties into the story…as you already mentioned 🙂 ), and Wonder (I still need to read this book!)

    • Gahhh can’t wait for you to read Splintered! I hope you love it. I can’t wait for the second one to These Broken Stars…I’ve forgotten when it comes out, though. It’s Kind of a Funny Story is an AMAZING book, just like Wonder (READ IT READ IT READ IT).

  8. Oh my. The cover of INK is absolutely beautiful! I think I would probably like to frame The Night Circus. It has such a beautiful cover. 😀

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  10. These Broken Stars is a lovely cover. I actually prefer the font on the AU version to the US one and think it’s definitely worthy of wall space if it were framed. I really like the cover for Ink too – it feels Japanese inspired and really fits the story 🙂

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