Loony’s Musings: when you don’t have time to read

This is only going to be a short post, because I am ridiculously overwhelmed with schoolwork at the moment – hence the title of this post. What happens when you don’t have time to read?

My TBR is growing at an alarming rate. There are library books that are almost due back (I haven’t read any of them), books I bought a year ago that I’d love to read, and books for review that look AMAZING.

The only problem? I’ve been too busy lately to enjoy them all.

(This GIF perfectly sums up my emotions)

For example, yesterday I was at school from 8:30 in the morning to 7:30 at night. Which is like 11 hours (way too long to be at school, if you ask me). I don’t begrudge that time, really, because a lot of it was spent on drama, my absolute favourite subject.

But it does cut into my reading time, which I cherish. I cherish it because it’s one of my only breaks from schoolwork, which can be really overwhelming at times. For a little while, when I’m reading, I can forget about all that. So when I don’t have the time to read, that stress and overwhelmed feeling just gets worse.

Catch-22, yes?

I know that most book bloggers don’t have unlimited amounts of time. We find time to read where we can – on public transport, or before bed, or in brief snatches. During school holidays, I can read for large stretches without feeling guilty because I’m not doing homework – just another reason to love school holidays!

I’m not sure where I’m going with this, except to say that occasionally it won’t be possible to read every single book in the universe, or even many of the ones you want to. But now that I’ve discovered this little community, there’s no way I would ever give it up.


Hugs to all my book bloggers and readers and writers out there (and anyone else, although I’m not sure why you’d be reading this if you’re not one of those).

I promise I will get around to commenting on your blogs very soon! I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t had much of a chance!

Are there times when you feel you don’t have any time to read, or are overwhelmed by the amount of books you feel you have to read? How do you deal with it?

23 thoughts on “Loony’s Musings: when you don’t have time to read

    I agree with this, especially when I am loaded with homework, And I cope with it by reading whenever else I can. I also have a several page list of to be read books, but I know I will never read them all in the next year. Oh well.

    • Maybe book bloggers should all just have an extra few hours added to the clock. That’d be pretty useful. On Goodreads I have a TBR list, and I also have a physical pile – it never shrinks, only grows! Hopefully I’ll be able to get lots read in the school holidays 🙂

  2. I work a full-time job, so I have to grab chances to read where I can: before bed, weekends, or listen to audio books on the job. And that’s with keeping up on my TV programs, too! I’m so glad I’ll have the summer to catch up on everything because on short holidays I’ve knocked out two or three books. Imagine what 2 months can bring.

    I often wonder how everyone else does it: constantly posting reviews, constantly updating. And I have to remind myself they either a) read way faster than I do, b) are school-age bloggers, or c) unemployed/in-between jobs/stay-at-home moms. Either way, they’ve found the time to somehow make it work.

    • I have school as well as a part-time job, so that takes up a lot of time. Two months sounds like a nice long time to read – our longest school holidays go for six weeks, and I get a LOT of reading done then!

      It’s definitely hard to constantly be reading/reviewing/posting discussions, but I love it too much to dislike that. Plus, as you say, it’s only high school 🙂 (although to be fair, that comes with its own pressures).

  3. I work from home, soooo reading is kind of something I can do at mostly any time. I snatch chapters throughout the day and I’m SO lucky. I know it! But I’m totally in awe of the bloggers who don’t have unlimited time to read and they still get SO much done! You guys are the real reading rockstars. 😉

    • That sounds like a great occupation. I snatch chapters in boring parts of school (weirdly enough, during Extension English) but sometimes a whole day goes by when I don’t read – it’s a weird feeling! I’m lucky that I live five minutes away from my school, so that gives me more time 🙂

  4. I definitely know what you mean!
    I wish I had unlimited reading time which is one of the reasons I ADORE university holidays, because I pretty much spend all day every day reading to my bookish heart’s content 😀
    But when i go back to uni, my reading time decreases a LOT. I find that reading one book a week is a rare occurrence and yet usually it takes me about one to three days to read one book. But I get that uni needs to be my priority and if I don’t put the effort in, I won’t be happy with the marks I get back at the end of semester. So I grudgingly accept my lack of reading time.
    I am always overwhelmed with how many books I have to read. I cannot remember the last time I read a book for me, because I get so many review copies. I am nowhere NEAR complaining about that (because I love review copies more than anything), but I get stressed because I see all the books I’ve bought and all the books on my TBR that *aren’t* review copies and I just wish that I could somehow stop time and make specific reading time just dedicated to reading. Alas, that is not possible (yet).
    How do I deal with it? I read as many books as I can. I think that’s the only way to deal with it, really! There are always going to be books that were (sadly) never going to get the chance to read. But if we do our best, that’s all we can do 😀

    • And uni holidays are really long, aren’t they? I can understand not having time to read during uni time – you’re putting so much time and effort in that it’s not worth jeopardising that.

      You make a good point about not being able to read for you – during the school term, I hardly ever have time for that, and it’s only during holidays that I can really put a dent in my TBR. But hey, I also LOVE LOVE LOVE getting books in the mail, and I am so grateful that publishers send me them ❤

      Our best is the best we can do, that is such a good point. Thanks for your lovely comment 🙂

  5. It’s fine, Emily! You go do your schoolwork and come out of it in top shape! We’ll be waiting for you here! And yes, I actually feel quite sad that I will never be able to read all the books I want (unless I was Nenia Campbell and I can read several books a day… hahaha), but still, at least I am still able to read 😀

    Faye at The Social Potato Reviews

    • *grumbles* Fine, I’ll do schoolwork. Haha, sometimes you need a break, you know? Reading is my break. But when that starts seeming overwhelming, you know something’s wrong. So I’m going to try and enjoy it more! And you right, everything will still be there 🙂

  6. Even though I’m home-schooled (you’d think I’d have more time on my hands what with cutting the travel times from/to school…), I often find myself looking longingly at my bookshelf and wishing I had more time to read. (And write. And blog.) I’ve had sooooooo many assessments to get into school lately, so reading/writing/blogging has kind of been pushed back to make more room for all the work I have to do. Even on weekends and whatnot. At the moment I’m only finding comfort in the fact that I’m in my last year at high school. There’s too little time, and too many books, lol.

    • That’s why I can’t do schoolwork at my desk – my TBR is there and it’s so pretty I actually end up opening books and starting to read them. I’ve had a bunch of assessments lately as well – not as many as you, probably, since I’m in year 11, but still a lot. And drama requires a LOT of out-of-school commitment. On weekends I work, so I have even less time. Geez, I’m wondering how I manage to read at all now 😛

  7. This has been exactly my problem. Especially with the end of the school year looming closer and closer… I have to keep my grades up because it’s too late to fix em otherwise :/ Then I have finals next month and essays, projects, tests in between… I have been absent from my blog for over two weeks now. And today I finished the first book since I disappeared. I JUST HAVE NO TIME Dx
    So I feel you. Hopefully summer comes quickly :/
    But I didn’t know you liked drama! Tell me more 😀

    • RIGHT? That’s the same with me. This term we have assignments rather than exams, and it’s so hard budgeting my time and everything.

      Drama is fantastic. We hardly do any theory – it’s all performing and improvising and doing Irish accents. It’s really demanding as well, but definitely my favourite subject 🙂

  8. This is why I am SO glad that I have a 40 min bus ride to work every day and back home, because of the awesome reading time I am able to fit in! Otherwise I read at a lot slower rate, on weekends and some nights. But then that means I have less time for blogging!

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  11. I am like this right now and am struggling to find time to read. I am working a lot lately and when I am not working I am trying to plan blog posts and reply to comments. On top of all that I want to at least try to have a social life sometimes 😉 And there’s a new baby in the family and I want to visit quite often because she is too cute. Atm I am handling it by trying to read at ridiculous times, like 1am-3am when I really should be sleeping. But, if it wasn’t for that time then I wouldn’t get any reading time. Hopefully things will get better soon and I can read more. Hopefully you can find more time too 🙂 ❤

    • 1am-3am! That’s crazypants! I’ve had less time this year in general, what with starting a part-time job and things getting kinda serious at school. So between school, working and writing, I have less time for reading. Luckily I haven’t had to resort to that early in the morning…yet!

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