What Happened This Week: handwriting challenge and TFIOS hit theatres


– I participated in the Handwriting Challenge, which was going around Twitter.

handwriting challenge


(apparently “ideal type” means guys. Either way, the answer is still cookies and cream.)

Also, The Fault in Our Stars came to theatres! YAY. I’m going to see it again today with some school friends. So excited to see their reactions.

I bullied my sister into ordering books for my birthday (two weeks from today! Sunday birthdays are awesome). I chose Just One Day by Gayle Forman, Pivot Point by Kasie West and Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins, which is a pre-order. So yeah. Shout out to Sophie, who is awesome.

– There’s a book swap going on! If you’re going to PTA Live Sydney and have some books you’d like to offload, you can swap for some other books that you DO want. I’ve got a whole bunch that I’m willing to swap for. Go and check them out!


wintergirls speak more than this

All three were fantastic! I’m having a good run with books lately. More Than This is actually mind-blowing.


the girl who circumnavigated



Either of these two…I’m not quite sure yet.

spark butter

Both look really good!


I just really love this GIF…


In which I will interview one of my characters. This looks like so much fun!

every word proper

On Wednesday you can read an interview with Ellie Marney, author of Every Word, and my review (hint: the books seriously rocks). You should totally read it.


Monday: I reviewed The Minnow by Diana Sweeney

Tuesday: I talked about books you should put in your beach bag

Thursday: I reviewed Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson

Friday: I talked about book-to-movie adaptations 

Saturday: I reviewed Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson

No Stacking the Shelves this week. Some weeks I get no books, but some weeks I get approximately 34949. Next week you will hopefully see some new pretties…

And that’s it for this week! What about you? If you’ve got any Stacking the Shelves posts, I’d love to see them (I quite enjoy ogling people’s books). 


17 thoughts on “What Happened This Week: handwriting challenge and TFIOS hit theatres

  1. OMG I just saw TFIOS and IT WAS AMAZING!!!!! I loved it!!! So incredible!!! …someone I went with brought an entire roll of toilet paper to cry onto

  2. Ahh, you enjoyed More Than This, gives me hope that I will enjoy it too! I didn’t like TKONLG by Patrick Ness, but I do think I could enjoy other work by him. (I have A Monster Calls all ready for Christmas, I’m that organised!) You’ve had a great week Emily, and bring on your Birthday books! 🙂

  3. Hmm I’m thinking maybe I should start doing StS posts too, or other meme posts. Aaand I am seeing TFIOS again too, wondering if I am going to cry again lol

  4. Ahaha I did the handwriting challenge thing too. So embarrassing. I really dislike my writing, which is why I never end up writing any of my novels, because then there is the slightly issue of having to decipher what I’ve written. Which can be very difficult.

    I saw TFIOS yesterday!!! Ahhhh, it was SOO good. It was an adaptation done right, if you ask me. The acting was especially good too. It was very believable (and tear-jerking). But funny too.

    If you’re interested, I posted a Stacking the Shelves on Friday. xD (It includes MANY MANY books.)

    • Plus, writing on the computer is so much easier! You don’t have to count words, or convert to anything else 😛

      Oh goodness, I loved the TFIOS movie to bits. Just came back from seeing it a second time. Hazel and Gus acted so much like ordinary teenagers, it was lovely 🙂

      You got a LOT of books, haha – just checked out your post!

  5. Oh the movie was very close to the book, I almost cried, TFIOS was just amazing. 🙂 Where did you find the handwriting challenge so that I may try?

  6. I have Every Breath! I should so read it! Also: I win the handwriting challenge because I said Ideal Type: fridge. Which means I get ALL THE GOOD FOOD. (I’m pretty sure it was about food…not guys. I mean, you can’t eat guys, unless you’re a cannibal and I am not, so why was it a question?) Looking forward to your character interview. Okay, who am I kidding? I’M FREAKING EXCITED TO FIIIIINALLY GET AN INTRO TO WANDERLAND.

  7. I just watched TFIOS yesterday and it broke my heart into pieces! I’m glad you’re reading Girl in Fairyland (lol the name is super long) and enjoying it, I have wanted to read it ever since I read the reviews. Spark looks really good doesn’t it? Lovely stack, have a lovely week ahead Emily!

  8. YAAAY, hearing that More Than This is amazing really makes me excited to read it now. Woohoo! I’m also looking forward to Spark. So good to hear you’re on a roll with your books – it’s always amazing when you read good book after good book. Haha, so mean, bullying your sister into buying you books. But worth it! 😛

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