Which fictional characters do you identify with?

On some level, I think we like the characters who remind us of…well, us. It’s comforting to see characters who are similar to us, in whatever way that is. Sometimes my friends say to me, “wow, you are just like [insert character here,” so I got to wondering which combination of characters would combine to make me.

Often, if I don’t like a book, it’s because I’m unable to relate to the main character. And that’s not the author’s fault – most of the time, it’s just because reading is subjective, and everyone’s different. So I’ve compiled a list of a few characters that I really identify with and love to pieces.


Luna Lovegood has to be my favourite character in the history of ever. I can even do her voice (one day I might make a video of it). I love her so much – she’s curious and intelligent and vague and loyal and just…awesome. She’s a bit airy-fairy like me.


Okay, so it might not be a COMPLETE coincidence that two Harry Potter characters are on this list. Hermione Granger is such a fantastic role model, and I’ve always identified with her, especially when I was a lot younger. She’s a bookworm, which is awesome, and super-smart, and seriously, Voldemort would still be alive if it wasn’t for her.


I love Hazel as a character. She’s witty and clever and struggling to find her place in the world and I identified with her SO MUCH through readingΒ The Fault in Our Stars. That’s one of the reasons why I love it more than John Green’s other novels – his male protagonists often sound very similar, but Hazel is so brilliantly herself.

Those are the three characters from YA books who I never fail to love.Β I think if you smashed all of them together, you’d get someone pretty similar to me…with a little bit of Unique Emily-ness thrown into the mix.

Of course, there are also the protagonists who I’d LIKE to be more like – the ones who I admire and look up to. There are a whole bunch of them. But those I’ll talk about in another post.

So tell me: which fictional characters do you identify most with?

18 thoughts on “Which fictional characters do you identify with?

  1. Omg, no joke, but I was totally about to write a post about who I’d be if I was in a book. HAHA. BRILLIANT MINDS THINK ALIKE. (I will put that on the backburner now, though, lol. πŸ˜‰ Sooo…I actually haven’t gotten to Luna in my HP gobblings. But I love Hermione. I’m pretty sure if Mime was in a book, she’d be Hermione. (I would probably be…I have no idea. One of the twins? Har, har.) I love it when I find a book character I really relate to and just ADORE.

    • OH MY GOSH high five. Sorry I got to it first, haha, I’m sure yours would have been a good read. I look forward to it down the track sometime. I cannot WAIT until you read HP 5 and meet Luna, she’s amazing. You’d definitely be one of the twins, I’m always laughing at your posts πŸ™‚

  2. Luna is my total role model. Hahaha- that may not be such a good idea… πŸ˜‰ Hermione is just so cool. I guess those are the only two…I can’t think of any others at the moment.:)

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  4. Awesome post! I can definitely see myself in Hermione but I guess I’m also a bit of the MC from Some Girls Are because damn, that book hit so close to home.

    Lovely post, Em! <33 (might do a similar post, soon, if that's cool with you?)

  5. Is it weird that I really don’t identify myself with any characters? I have a really different mindset and thought process to most people so it’s not surprising to me. πŸ˜› When I relate to characters, it’s more of their decisions and not really them as a character. Not sure if that make sense! Also, it’s not too hard for me to empathise with characters so that’s another way I can love characters. πŸ˜€

  6. Luna Lovegood is absolutely my favorite Harry Potter character, the one I relate to the most and kind of my “role model”. I love her quirkiness and the firm belief she holds no matter what. Hermione, though….I think I’m as bookworm-y as she is, but I’m not that outgoing :P.

  7. I’ve never imagined myself as a fictional character, I’m like Laura and can relate to their situations or remember myself at that age. I loved Luna, she’s so quirky and sincere, great choice ❀

  8. I’ve always been able to connect with Hermione. I love studying like she does and I’ve always been someone to do all my homework in time – and others would profit from that like Ron & Harry most of the times, haha. The only thing we differ in is that I don’t like showing off that I know something, because I hate speaking in front of people. So my hand would always be down in class. Another character I identified with is the MC from This song will save your life. The way she wants to change herself in the beginning and how she slowly starts to love herself – and accepts who she is. That was me once and it really did something to me to see her journey and development.


  9. I’ve never really thought about which characters I identify with the most. I know for certain that I can easily picture myself as Jena from Wildwood Dancing by Juliet Marillier, and that I understand her actions and think that I would react to her situation the same way – so I guess she is the #1 character on my list.

    We must be pretty similar, because when I was in high school some people called me Hermione and some people called me Luna, haha! Funnily enough, it changed over the years. When I was younger people thought I was Hermione and as I got older (and probably a bit loopier), people started saying that I was like Luna. Personally I think I am like both. Because I have always been an avid studier but I am also pretty whimsical ;D

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